NASW Frowns on the Use of Skype for Mental Health Practice

NASW SkypeWe reported and commented on the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Skype-related documents in our May 31 and June 4 issues of the TeleMental Health News. We repeat their links below today to give you a glimpse of the important training we are starting again this week, where we will discuss not only why Skype isn’t adequate, but more importantly, which companies are HIPAA complaint (compatible), and how to work with them. We also will help you develop and document your proficiency with video conferencing for remote care. See this webpage for a full description of the hardware, software, room set up, professional issues, patient education and some of the documentation issues involved with telepractice.

Below are the NASW links. If you like them, join our Master Study Group today and develop the knowledge to practice with confidence. Learn how to work with professional-grade video-teleconferencing. Seating is limited.Group starts August 14th and will meet every Tuesday for 6 weeks at 3 pm, EST.

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