New Association for Counseling and Technology at American Counseling Association

Association for Counseling and Technology

An exciting new group is forming at ACA to support the appropriate use of technology in counseling. Called the Association for Counseling and Technology (ACT), an Organization Affiliate of the American Counseling Association (ACA), this group needs 200 signatures from ACA members who support the effort.

Interested? Supportive?

Please sign the easy petition linked below and `share this email with all your colleagues who wonder about using Skype, practicing over state lines, communicating with clients in email, having a Yelp or Facebook page, developing an app, conducting supervision by video, using video games with clients, delivering counseling in virtual worlds, starting to use EHRs , worrying about Health Care Reform — and a whole lot more related to technology of all types.

With Past President Donna Ford leading this ACT initiative to establish a formal group at ACA , you know it is headed in the right direction. She was the first President of any national counseling or behavioral health association to develop a formal initiative to support the professional use of technology (in 1999). She’s now come out of retirement to help the ACA move forward with technology again — and you can help.

Please sign our petition, whether or not you use technology. Bring your colleagues. Let’s give counselors a well-organized hub to follow in Donna’s footsteps to set the bar for appropriate use of technology in the behavioral arenas. Supporting this effort now will grow our association and help assure good jobs for ourselves as well as our future generations of counselors.

Go to this page to read our letter to ACA Governing Council and sign our petition.   (Please forward this message and link to your colleagues.)

Respectfully, the ACT Steering Committee,

Marlene M. Maheu, (PhD, MFT) President
Donna Ford, MS, ACA Past President (1999-2000) and Member-at-Large
Bonnie Johnson, (M.S., LMHC, NCC, DCC) Executive Committee Member
Frank Hutchinson, (EdD, LCPC) Secretary
Tracy Luoma, MS, M.Div, PCC-S, NCC Executive Committee Member
Rachel Blumhardt, (MEd, LPCC, LPC, NCC) Executive Committee Member
Tom Wilson, (LCPC, CPS) Executive Committee Member

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