New Congressional Bill to Eliminate Licensure Barriers to Treating Medicare Patients Over State Lines

Eliminate Licensure Barriers

Healthcare IT News announced today that a new bill introduced in Congress this week would enable healthcare providers to treat Medicare patients in other states via telemedicine without needing different licenses for each state.

The “TELEmedicine for MEDicare Act”, or HR 3077, was introduced Sept. 10 in the House by Reps. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and Frank Pallone, D-N.J. Nicknamed the TELE-MED Act.

Its goal is to update current licensure laws “to account for rapid technological advances in medicine,” according to its sponsors.

“By reducing bureaucratic and legal barriers between Medicare patients and their doctors, it expands medical access and choice for America’s seniors and the disabled,” Nunes said in a statement.

The American Telemedicine Association, has been a long-time advocate for changing licensure requirements in telemedicine and telehealth at the national level. Their petition for providers to sign is here.

The HR 3077 bill can serve as an important precedent to establishing national licensure. Call or write your state representative today and ask them to support this important bill. Again, it is HR 3077.

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