How to Obtain a Scholarship to TMHI’s Certificate Program

FREE 1-hour Training Webinar scholarship to TMHI's Certificate ProgramHave you been waiting for a way to afford a comprehensive training program in telehealth? This opportunity might just be your ticket into the exciting new world of 21st Century practice, using 21st Century tools. Since we started our Scholarship program 9 months ago, we’ve learned who is a good match for the rigors of our training program. (Only professionals who responsibly want to develop a practice using technology will be able to benefit for our program. It involves over 40 hours of intensive study, focusing heavily on risk management, adhering the the scientific evidence, understanding existing legal and ethical codes and good clinical practice. If you are looking for a survey course with just a sampling of what we have to offer in our Certificate Program, please first take our “Overview of Online Counseling, Psychotherapy and TeleMental Health Course” to get a sense of whether you are suited and like our 100% online learning environment.) We are overwhelmed with the response, with over 350 trainees who have joined us in the last year alone. Who Do We Need? If you ~know~ your future involves technology; and if have the dedication/perseverance to make yourself the best professional you can be, already have a good sense of how the Internet works, we encourage you to apply. We are waging a full-out campaign to find the best-of-the-best candidates who will maximize this learning experience AND help us retain our position as the #1 leader in TeleMental Health Professional Training worldwide for non-institutional settings. This month’s webinar then, will cover a practical aspect of how to get trained in online therapy and other aspects of telemental health if your finances are temporarily limited and need a scholarship. After we have allowed our applicants who can’t attend 48 hours to listen to the recording of our webinar, we will be offering work/study programs to the 3 most qualified professionals who can convince us they are sure about wanting to work with technology, and who have what it takes to help us build our Institute. Either full scholarships (valued at $1,675.00) or partial scholarships ($835.00) will be equally available to professionals with a minimum of a master’s degree in any health care profession. For details, slides and webinar registration, see this page.

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