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COVID-19 PsyPact

COVID-19 has escalated efforts to support the PsyPact: New Hampshire PSYPACT PSYPACT Delaware Telepsychology: The Oklahoma PSYPACT Becomes Law Telepsychology Across State Lines Officially Approved: PSYPACT On May 8, 2020, ASPPB announced that two more state governors have signed PsyPACT …


Telehealth Rules

Guidelines for Telehealth Rules and Policies As telehealth has become more readily available during the coronavirus crisis, many people have come to view telehealth as the new norm. However, once the crisis has passed, telehealth will have to be reevaluated. …


Healthcare Breaches Rise Amid COVID-19

Healthcare Breaches Rise Amid COVID-19 With the rapid increase in providers that offer telehealth, the healthcare industry has shown a dramatic rise in healthcare breaches. A recent report released by McAfee found that the increase of businesses using cloud services …