Polycom Interviews re: Health Care Reform and TeleMental Health

Health Care Reform


Two Health Care Reform and TeleMental Health Interviews Were Released by Polycom this Week

According to the Governing Institute’s recent survey of state and local public health officials’ health priorities for 2015, mental health requirements were ranked as their most pressing concern. As policy and reimbursement models catch up with technology and cost savings needs, there is a growing focus on telehealth as a way to create or extend treatment programs.  Polycom  invited my comments about telemental health in two interview formats this month.

Polycom Interviews

To read these two, fast-moving interviews, click these two links below: 

Prefer a Webinar Format?

Polycom is sponsoring a webinar to address these topics next week. On January 28, I’ll be addressing these same issues and sharing the hour with Dr. Shelia Davis. Register here:  Telemental Health and Health Care Reform If you have specific questions for either of us in the webinar, feel free to post them below and I’ll work them in.

For more Q and A, please click here.

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