Reimbursement: Recent Legal and Marketplace Issues

Increasingly, the Technical Marketplace Changes Standard Therapy Models.

1-hour Training Webinar

legal and marketplace issuesWrap up this year with an essential discussion of current events to predict next year’s focus on telemental health and online therapy. This month’s guest will be Tania S. Malik, J.D., Founder and President of COPEtoday. As Dr. Maheu’s guest, she will discuss the rapidly changing legal and marketplace issues related to increasing access to mental health via technology.

In particular, we will be reviewing the nationwide repercussion of various legal changes, including the new California Telehealth Advancement Act of 2011; changes in CPT codes for counseling through telehealth and pivotal corporate shifts in how mental health care will be approached in the United States.

This discussion will focus on recent events in California law, Medicare & marketplace shifts to address:

  • reimburseable forms of telehealth
  •  the future of home-based care with the elimination of the “in-person” requirement for intakes
  • reducing certification requirements for practitioners
  • the role of iPhone and other smartphones in the healthcare marketplace
  • HIPAA-compliance & the use of Skype
  • added value services for platforms that serve as alternatives to Skype
  • possible repercussions of Wal-mart’s plans to be the biggest primary care provider in the U.S.

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