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This summary statement is taken from the ATA website cited below:

ATA Petition for National LicensureIt is time for consumers and patients to freely access doctors and other health care professionals no matter where they are located throughout the country.  Changes in the way we live, in technology and in new developments in the practice of medicine calls for such a change.  This requires a massive overhaul of our medical licensure system.

The current approach, requiring health providers to obtain multiple state licenses and adhere to diverse and sometimes conflicting state medical practice rules, is a barrier to progress, quality, competition and economy.  This partitioned approach also presents a concern for patient safety as state-by-state licensing and enforcement inhibits tracking down and disciplining bad doctors located in other states.

This is not just a problem affecting telemedicine.  Existing practice laws in most states prohibits physicians from issuing prescriptions for their own patients if the patient happens to be located out of the state on business or on a vacation.  In such cases, the patient is forced to see a local doctor to get help.  Such a duplicative structure also provides a concern for patient safety as states find it impossible to access information about the local activities of a physician licensed in that state but residing in a different state. 

The U.S. military and Veterans Affairs (VA) Department have already acted to fix licensure barriers. So have the European Union and many other countries.  American consumers, American health providers and American taxpayers are being left behind.  

The ATA has been accumulating signatures in support of national licensure. Please take 2 minute to add your name if you are in support of this change.

Sign here and ask your supportive colleagues to do the same. 

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