Skype Alternatives Webinar Has Record Attendance

Skype Alternatives WebinarIf you missed our Skype webinar last week, you’re probably not alone and might still want the information. We had record attendance with 145 attendees to the live event and since then, over 200 downloads of the recording.

I answered 15 minutes of questions that range in focus from what to look for in video platforms, which ones are the best and why, to the usual group favorite, licensing rules and regs and how to get more information.

The bad news if you haven’t yet heard the play recording is that our freebie offer has expired. The good news is that if you seriously want the information, you can purchase it for a great price (and it comes with 1 CEU, downloadable file that you can put on any MP3 or MP4 device). Here’s the link: To Skype or Not to Skype? Free and Low-Cost Alternatives

We are always casting about for new topics. Which topic might you like us to address next? Please leave your suggestions in the comment box below, but before you so, have a look to make sure we haven’t yet covered your suggested topic in our list of recent webinars.


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