Skype and Security for Healthcare : Let’s Be Reasonable

Let’s take a breather from security acronyms, articles and their citations to simply be reasonable for a moment.

Don’t you think large companies like Skype would market to health care practitioners directly if their online videoconferencing systems were HIPAA compliant? After all, they surely know that health care telecommunication represents a potentially profitable market of sizable magnitude.

Skype and SecurityWhile I have every confidence their systems will eventually be far more than HIPAA compliant, I’m reluctant to encourage any of my patients or colleagues to currently risk confidentiality for the sake of convenience. As with most other consumer products, without official announcements of safety (HIPAA compliance in this case) from these companies, it seems safe to assume it doesn’t exist.

When under duress to provide continuity of care to the regular patient or client who cannot make it to the office , a practitioner simply needs to pick up a regular telephone.

Those are my attempts to be reasonable, what are yours? Might you be able to provide additional information to help me understand this important issue differently? Please comment below.

That’s my opinion. What’s yours?

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