2017 Telebehavioral Health Institute MEETUPS!

Looking for a telebehavioral health community to enjoy?

Since the summer of 2015, the Telebehavioral Health MEETUP! networking dinner events have connected hundreds of clinical, business and technical professionals who hunger not only for local cuisine, but for a community of colleagues with a wide variety of skills, resources and opportunities. The Telebehavioral Health Institute will continue the Telebehavioral Health MEETUP! tradition into 2017.

History of the Telebehavioral Institute MEETUP!

Being a social creature at heart, my planning of networking dinners for the telebehavioral health community began in 1995 at the American Psychological Association. Over the years, many of us enjoy our yearly reunions as we grow our community and meet new professionals. Joining forces with the non-profit Coalition for Technology in Behavioral Science, where I am the President, the TBHI MEETUP! at the APA event  enjoyed more than 40 enthusiastic participants in 2015, then again in 2016.

2017 Winter/Spring Telebehavioral Institute MEETUP! 

To enjoy a relaxed networking dinner with local colleagues from the Telemental Health community,  click the city name to open a registration page below. You will be given details of the event, the venue and be allowed to register for a seat at our table.

Tampa, Florida – February 17, 2017

Phoenix, Arizona – March 7, 2017

San Francisco, California – March 17, 2017

Seattle, Washington – April 3, 2017

Orlando, Florida – April 23, 2017 (Join us at the ATA conference with a 15% OFF Discount by writing to us.)

Cincinnati, Ohio – June 2, 2017

Washington DC – August 4, 2017

If you live in another city but seek an effective, low-cost local networking event for telemental health, follow this page for our continually updated list of my MeetUp! dinners. I look forward to dining with you in person.

Marlene M. Maheu, PhD

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