How to Win Telehealth Grants: Do’s and Don’ts

Telehealth GrantsTelehealth Grants

A wide variety of worthwhile telehealth projects never see the light of day because of a lack of funding. Telehealth grants can often be the solution, but successfully writing telehealth grants is a serious challenge for many groups. For example, the value of speech and language therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy  provided in a traditional in person setting has been established and is compensated by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and insurance payers. In the US, healthcare reform policies, such as the Affordable Care Act challenge us to provide high quality care at a lower cost and recognize new technologies, including telehealth as tools to achieve this aim. 

Preliminary data on telerehabilition (TR)  has proven diagnostic validity, patient satisfaction, clinical effectiveness and improved cost efficiency. Healthcare delivery models will evolve, when there is combined support of public policy and payment policy. Scalable and sustainable TR programs will be possible when compensation from Medicare and insurance payers is available. To achieve this, CMS, insurers and policy makers require more data that demonstrates value before expanding coverage. Grant funding provides a platform to establish baseline outcomes for clinical efficacy, patient engagement and cost. Many professionals are at a loss for how to finance such projects, however.

This “How to Get Funding for Telehealth Grants: Do’s and Don’ts” session provides a comprehensive view of planning and securing grant funding for all types of telehealth programs.


Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D
Executive Director,
TeleMental Health Institute, Inc.

Jennifer L. Martin, NBA
Independent consultant

Eve-Lynn Nelson, Ph.D
Director of KU Center for Telemedicine & Telehealth,
University of Kansas Medical Center


How to Participate in “How to Win Telehealth Grants: Do’s and Don’ts”

For a carefully detailed review of how to get telehealth grants for your specific projects, visit the ATA website to access this Telerehabilitation SIG webinar recording.

(A modest fee is being charged by the ATA for participation in this event.)




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