Telehealth Group Therapy

telehealth group therapyTelehealth Group Therapy

Many highly skilled group therapy clinicians have been forced into telehealth group therapy practice without thoughtful guidance or the ability to learn anything beyond basic telehealth skills. A seasoned group therapist knows that a wide variety of reimbursement and clinical issues can erupt in front of the whole group, leaving the clinician at a loss for what to do if such events erupt in telehealth group therapy. With the need for telehealth group therapy grows with COVID, clinicians continue to be challenged by complex telehealth group therapy issues for which they cannot find evidence-based answers. See Telehealth Group Therapy: Reimbursement & Clinical Issues.

HIPAA and Telehealth Group Therapy

Furthermore, when dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI) in situations involving telehealth group therapy and HIPAA privacy rule, the clinician may unwittingly create undue vulnerabilities for everyone involved. They must know how to operate their technology and establish group rules with an understanding of what can go wrong, and how to prevent intentional as well as unintentional privacy and confidentiality violations. See Telehealth Group Therapy and HIPAA Privacy Rule.

TBHI Offers Intensive Telehealth Group Therapy Webinar Workshop 

After receiving numerous requests from past and current Learners, the Telebehavioral Health Institute has organized a highly-interactive, 4-hour telehealth group therapy training program designed to introduce you to the complex clinical scenarios and evidence-based solutions commonly faced in telehealth group therapy practice. Registered participants are invited to share and discuss information related to their current practices regarding the following topics, which will also be covered in the highly interactive, 4-hour workshop that offers 4 CME or CE credit hours. Topics covered include:

  • Research related to telehealth group therapy best practices
  • Telehealth policy statements
  • Current screening criteria
  • Consent forms
  • Group agreements
  • Other documentation
  • Reimbursement
  • Crisis prevention and management
  • Problem-solving

Introduction to Telemental Health Theory and Practice

Key Learning Objectives

  • Outline key factors to address when screening for telehealth group therapy
  • Name essential clauses to consider including in a telehealth group agreement for group members
  • Describe how to handle common telehealth security issues
  • Name important technology requirements for maintaining the privacy of all participants
  • Identify and develop strategies for handling common group therapy challenges
  • List key factors to consider for preventing a crisis
  • List key factors to consider for handling a crisis

Event Details: Intensive Telehealth Group Therapy Workshop

  • Where: 100% online using video conferencing webinar format
  • When: 10-2-2020
  • Fee: $ 199
  • 4 CME or CE Hours
  • All reading materials included
  • Community Discussion Forum


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