100 New Telehealth-Related Congressional Bills Introduced in 36 States


A mere two months into 2015, telehealth and telemedicine are receiving an unprecedented amount of attention from United States’ legislators seeking to advance the triple aim of US Health Care Reform, with increasing access, improving care and reducing costs. In a February 25th publication, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) recently commented on this escalation of telehealth activity in the legislative ranks of 36 states:

One hundred telemedicine-related bills have been introduced to define telehealth and telemedicine, redefine licensed provider practice standards, remove artificial barriers or improve coverage and payment options. Some bills seek to improve the telemedicine policy landscape while others risk to severely limit health providers’ clinical decision making and patient choice.

The ATA has developed some of the most up-to-date, state-specific legislative information available through any membership association. Although focused on telemedicine and physician-related information, two specific documents of potential interest to behavioral telehealth and telemental health professionals are the:

The TeleMental Health Institute specializes in keeping the behavioral community informed of our behavioral industry’s telehealth-related activity, resources as well as legal, ethical and other risk management issues.  To see some of TMHI’s activities at the ATA, see this blog post:  Why Attend the ATA 2015 Meeting in LA, May 2-5.


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