Telemental Health Informed Consent Webinar

Telemental Health Informed Consent Webinar

Are you confused about telemental health informed consent? 

As the industry leader in telemental health professional training, the Telebehavioral Health Institute will give clear and concise answers to these questions (and more):

  • How is the informed consent process different from the document you ask your patients/clients to sign?
  • How specific does the telemental health informed consent need to be regarding various technologies (email, text messaging, video, apps, social media)?
  • How can you use your informed consent process to help you prevent and manage emergencies?
  • How do privacy and security laws (HIPAA/HITECH Act in the US; PIPEDA in Canada, etc.) impact what you put in your informed consent document?
  • What do you need to include in your informed consent document when your patient/client is in an unsupervised setting, such as their home?
  • What should you mention in your informed consent when you work from your home or other non-traditional setting?
  • Which 5 key points does the American Telemedicine Association and other leading associations suggest you include in your telemental health practice informed consent?
  • How might your state law and professional association ethical code differ in terms of informed consent — and why it is important that you comply with both!
  • Which clauses might be be best to use in an informed consent document?
  • Should the informed consent document for telebehavioral or telemental health informed consent simply be an addendum that includes your regular informed consent, or should it be a separate document?
  • How do different professional association guidelines agree or disagree about which elements should be included in the informed consent for telemental health?
  • When should an attorney be consulted for developing an informed consent process and supporting document?


Event Details: Telemental Health Informed Consent Elements: 14 Essential Telemental Health Informed Consent Elements (2 Hour Webinar)

Text Messaging and Behavioral Practice Webinar

  • Where: 100% Online
  • Fully recorded and available 24/7 after the event to review anytime for 6 months from registration date
  • What: Recorded event includes access, slides, and handout
  • Cost: $98 (includes 2-CE Hours, if applicable)
    (only available with purchase of this webinar or our Legal & Ethical II course)

Learning Objectives

  • Name at least 5 issues addressed by published professional association standards and guidelines for telemental health that can be handled most easily and efficiently through an informed consent process and electronic document
  • List at least 5 documentation-specific requirements that can be addressed by a proper informed consent process
  • Intelligently discuss how to handle employers who minimize your concerns about informed consent

TBHI Faculty

Text Messaging and Behavioral Practice Webinar

Dr. Maheu has been an industry leader in telebehavioral health since 1994. With four textbooks, dozens of book chapters and journal articles to her name, as well as having educated more than 20,000 clinicians, she is in a unique position to guide you or your organization in finding a maximally profitable niche in this rapidly expanding market. She has given more than 400 professional presentations is a master at getting to the point and answering your questions with clear, actionable, evidence-based suggestions both quickly and accurately.


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