Telepsychology Best Practices: Dr. Maheu & Colleagues to Teach 7-Hour Workshop at APA Convention

Telepsychology Best PracticesIf you plan to attend the American Psychological Association Convention in Honolulu in July of 2013, you might want to arrive a day early and take in the Telepsychology Best Practices workshop. It features a star-studded guest list of speakers and offers 7-hours of CEs.

 The APA will soon be promulgating their new Telepsychology Guidelines. This workshop will help attendees consider these and other recently released guidelines, such as those from the American Telemedicine Association, the Federation of State Medical Boards both with their general statement and that related to social media, and the National Association of Social Workers. Attendees will be invited to consider the underlying legal, ethical and clinical issues while developing their own best-practice policies regarding telepsychology.  

Workshop Contents

This workshop will offer an exceptional opportunity for participants to both experience how technologies can supplement standard treatments and revenue sources.

The morning’s discussion by Dr. Maheu will serve as an introduction to the best practice issues to come throughout the day: boundaries of competence, training & supervision; confidentiality, consent & record keeping; patient education (to prepare them to use technology); effective screening and assessment tools and protocols; direct care and related clinical issues; emergency backup procedures & reimbursement strategies, the role of smartphones and “apps” as well as other forms of self-help online. She will also discuss HIPAA’s requirement for “audit trails” and how it impacts decisions regarding video platforms such as SKYPE, reimbursement with respect to Medicare and Medicaid as well as 3rd party carriers for psychologists.

Guest speaker Pat DeLeon, PhD, JD, MPH, will discuss current legal and regulatory healthcare policy across health care disciplines, and what the impact of the current political administrations health care reform will be upon psychologists choosing to use technology to expand their practices. He will review the Accountable Care Act (ACA) and new reimbursement structures, including Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and what they mean in terms of reimbursement for psychologists in the future.

Guest speaker Steve Demers, Ed.D. will give an update regarding psychology regulatory board perspectives on controversial issues (i.e., practicing over state lines and international boundaries without a license, informed consent, record keeping). He will outline the new model program called the “e-certificate,” currently being advanced as a joint effort by the APA, APAIT, and ASPPB, as well as the $1,000,000+ HRSA grant they’ve received to expand their model.

Guest speaker Reid Hester, PhD will be discussing the best practices involved in developing and using assessment instruments on the Internet. He will discuss the instruments available at  ModerateDrinking.com, CollegeDrinkersCheckup.com, and Drinkerscheckup.com for consumers who want to know more about themselves and their drinking.

 Guest speaker Eve- Lynn Nelson, PhD, will focus on ethical considerations in providing telepsychology services to children and their families. She will use national telemedicine guidelines as a springboard to address the clinical, administrative, and technical considerations in telepsychology services with children, including needs assessment, site visits, and ongoing relationship building between telepsychology leaders and local telepsychology champions.  She will summarize developing clinic-specific procedures and protocols, including successful safety protocols and reimbursement models

Dr. Maheu will close with a discussion of best practices for using smartphone “apps” with psychology clients, students, researchers or practitioners and best practices related to the development and marketing of self-help materials on the internet.

Ample opportunity will be created for attendees to ask questions and participate in discussions. Over 1,000 peer-reviewed books and journal article references will be available through this workshop.

If you are wondering how telepsychcology works and what changes are in sotre with the new APA Telepsychology Guidelines, make it a point to start the convention with this CE program, and get all the facts.

A flyer describing the program and how to register can be found here.


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