Text Messaging with Behavioral Clients/Patients? Do You Have Research Or a “Lesson Learned” to Share?

text messagingDo you know of any current research or have experiences to share about how TEXT MESSAGING has worked with clients/patients?  I was just interviewed about this topic last week and it is published here: Feeling Anxious or Sad? Why E-Therapy Might Help

Given the amount of texting that seems to be occurring between clinicians and their clients/patients, I’ll be giving a second webinar on the topic in December, so I’m gathering more information. Your assistance would be appreciated. While I already have a core group of studies and a few experiences to describe, more empirical evidence as well as several current examples for both pros and cons of text messaging would be very helpful. I’ll update everyone on the legal/ethical issues and augment my current webinar materials with whatever I can gather now so everyone can make a fully informed decision about if, how and when to use text messaging with a clinical population. (In case you are curious, in addition to having organized a 3 CE class on this at the TeleMental Health institute, I’ve conducted a webinar and consulted with several groups on the topic of text messaging over the years. The topic is growing so quickly that it is hard to know too much about it.

Can you help?

Can you help me with current research study or perhaps a “lesson learned” from your practice — or that of a colleague? BTW, if you share a story ~please change the identifying facts~ so client privacy is protected. If you find another article online, please send it my way. Just post it below in the comments section, or if you prefer to send it to me privately  at the TeleMental Health Institute.

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