The American Telemedicine Association and YOU

Wondering which professional association is at the forefront of our changing health care system? The American Telemedicine Association has been pivotal in the re-organization of US health care since the election of President Obama. It has educated members of Congress and Senate of the facts and figures related to the substantial savings documented for decades by research using a wide variety of healthcare technologies. The facts are undeniable and the benefits are creating a sea change of thinking in our legislators. This professional association is instrumental in helping our government officials understand that telemedicine is the future of medicine.

American Telemedicine AssociationThe American Telemedicine Association has a number of comprehensive special interest groups (SIGs) that include pediatrics, telemental health, technology, ocular health, teledermatology, nursing, telerehabilitation, home telehealth and remote monitoring as well as business and finance. In addition to the national group that there are regional chapters.

The telemental health SIG for example, has both an executive committee and several working groups.  These working groups include: coding and reimbursement, standards and guidelines, education and peer review, student issues, and discussion forums. They also meet  monthly for an hour by telephone. This particular SIG has recently produced two documents that cover a number of issues related to “best practices“.  These documents are heavily referenced reviews of some of the most significant research found anywhere. They can help the everyday practitioner make sense of many questions related to the use of telecommunication technologies with patients or clients.

The fee for joining us $250 for individuals.

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