TMHI Webinar: Skype and Related Practices Found Unacceptable by Oklahoma Medical Board

Skype and Related Practices Found Unacceptable

Curious about the recent findings and disciplinary action taken by the Oklahoma Medical Board?

Joseph P. McMenamin, MD, JD, will share his insight into the Oklahoma Medical Board regulatory case and examine the facts of this case to illustrate crucial policy issues arising from practicing online. Join us for this 1-hour webinar titled:

Skype and Related Practices Found Unacceptable by Oklahoma Medical Board

1-Hour Webinar (1 CE available)
with Joseph P. McMenamin, MD, JD

This program was fully recorded, so if you didn’t attend, you can can still hear it now.

Registration valid for 6 months after purchase, so join us now and get this timely information immediately or at your convenience.

You will receive answers to these questions:

  • What are the details surrounding the Oklahoma Medical Board’s investigation?
  • What were the specific charges in this regulatory case?
  • How was informed consent involved in the Board’s decision to discipline Dr. Trow?
  • What did the regulatory board decide about the use of Skype with a telepractice client?
  • How did the patient’s death effect the Oklahoma Board’s disciplinary decision?
  • How did the lack of an in-person assessment impact the Oklahoma Board’s decision?

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