Upcoming Webinar on Licensure: Practicing Over State Lines with Telehealth

In 2009, a Colorado doctor was found guilty of practicing medicine without a license in California after prescribing an antidepressant via an online pharmacy to a 19-year-old student. The student committed suicide. The doctor was given a nine-month jail sentence. Was his crime any different from the regular practice of many healthcare professionals online today? We may never know all the details, but one thing is clear:  he got caught. Upcoming Webinar on LicensureFrom EAP professionals to psychiatrists, many practitioners seem to think that practicing over state lines with technology nullifies licensing requirements related to geography. Similarly many practitioners think that there licensing board doesn’t address practice violations . On both counts, nothing can be further from the truth. To hear the details of how licensure might affect you and to get some of your questions answered, register for our upcoming webinar on licensure: http://telehealth.org/webinars. While you are on that page you may want to download our last webinar, which was about Skype and other VoIP based video platforms. the link is at the very bottom of the page.) Meanwhile, you may be interested in following a conversation were having about this in LinkedIn,  where we have a group for the TeleMental Health Institute with over 300 members.

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