Video Makes The Case for Caution and Perspective in TeleMental Health and Coaching

The analogy that comes most readily to mind when I think about the current state of affairs with telemental health is akin to what I imagine as awakening 100 years ago to a shiny new car in my driveway. I’d probably jump in, start her up, and zoom off – except that 100 years ago, none of us would’ve had a driveway.

telemental health and coachingCars would have been a novelty because the automobile wasn’t mass produced by Henry Ford until 1913. (The “horseless buggy”  wasn’t invented until 1880.)

Back in 1910, automobiles were just beginning to be mass-produced, roads were not paved, driver’s licenses were not issued, and people were experimenting with their new automobiles by driving everywhere they could, along dirt roads, over fields, and yes, into ditches.

It took a few decades for cars to be made safer, roads to be built,  for traffic rules and drivers licenses to be required to protect public safety.

For a quick 10-minute video clip that illustrates how this analogy relates to telemental health and coaching, just look here:  MP4 version or FLV version.

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