Want to Augment Your Practice with Passive Income Online? Part II

Ebooks eBooks for TelehealthThe popularity of devices like the Kindle, Nook, iPad, and iPhone has resulted in rapid changes in the book publishing industry over the past few years. People are on the move and are showing a strong preference for the portability of electronic books (eBooks) over printed books. Consequently, purchases of printed books continue to decline, while sales of eBooks are soaring. An eBook is essentially a digital book designed to be read on your computer, mobile device, or an eReader, like the Kindle or Nook. How to Publish an eBook In order to publish an eBook, you do not have to work with a traditional publisher. Smashwords and Kindle Desktop Publishing are two very popular eBook publishing platforms that provide the necessary tools to create and format your own eBook for use on eReaders. For the private practitioner looking for a product to begin generating a passive revenue stream, self-publishing an eBook is a logical place to start because of the following advantages:

  • Most of the “cost” upfront is actually just the time you spend developing content
  • You have control over the content and development of the book
  • EBooks are easy to update
  • An eBook can be delivered within minutes, without any “shipping and handling” costs
  • An eBook will never go out of print, so it can continue generate income for you
  • It is easy to bundle an eBook with other products in a promotional offer
  • Because of the web, it is easier to publicize and market self-published eBooks to an international market

EBooks allow you to share your expertise with people all over the world and can become an important source of passive income. To learn more about eBooks and how to market them to help you generate a steady passive income stream, please join us for Creating Passive Income with Legal and Ethical Self Help Materials Advanced Teleworkshops meeting online Mondays from 2-3 PM EST/11-12 Pacific over 6 weeks starting Monday, April 1. All Advanced Teleworkshops will be recorded and available to download for those who cannot attend or miss a meeting. Registration is available through the Telemental Health Institute.

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