Want To Augment Your Practice With Passive Income Online? Part III

Audiobooks Audiobooks for TelehealthIn our previous newsletter, we discussed how eBooks can be used to generate passive income.  An additional product that can easily be generated from the content in your eBook is an audiobook.  An audiobook is a digital recording of a printed book which you download from the internet and then listen to on a computer or portable device, such as an iPod or mp3 player.   Advantages An audiobook may be the perfect first product for passive income generation, as it is not necessary to have actually published a book in order to record one.  The biggest advantage of an audiobook from a consumer’s perspective is that an audiobook is portable and allows for multitasking, since you can listen to it while exercising, driving, or waiting at an airport, etc. With websites like Amazon, Audible, and iTunes now selling audiobooks, the potential market for audiobooks is growing rapidly.  In fact, there is actually a shortage of audiobooks currently, since only a small fraction of printed books are changed to audio format.  The average buyer of audiobooks is over thirty, typically quite educated, and a voracious reader. Less Expensive to Produce Another advantage of audiobooks is that they do not require much financial investment to get started. You just need access to a computer, good quality recording and editing software, and a distribution channel to sell you audiobook when you are done.  Recordings of your audiobook can be done by a hired professional or by you.  Free, high quality recording and editing software is available for download on the Internet, if you prefer to manage the whole recording process yourself. Please leave your questions and comment below.

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