Webinar Recording: 7 Essential Facts about Licensure for Practice Across State or International Borders

LicensureDoes your client want to continue therapy after moving to another state or country? Does your patient spend the summer in another state? Are you moving to another state and want to continue treating your original clients? In all these instances, can you legitimately bridge the distance by delivering services online? Some states have licensing laws that require a practitioner to have a local state license before treating one of their citizens. (Utah and Vermont each have a $5000 penalty for practicing psychology in their state without a license.) Your own state may restrict you to practicing within your state, unless you are licensed in another state. Some states, (such as California) require both. In short, different states have different laws — and different sanctions. Who Cares? Have you heard that licensure doesn’t matter because there’s no enforcement of licensing laws? Don’t believe it. With more infractions than ever before occurring online, our licensing board members are far from asleep at the wheel. Your malpractice carrier also cares. Why? Perhaps not for the reason you think. While they may tell you that you are covered by your malpractice policy when working “online,” they may be omitting potentially costly details. For instance, if you are in violation of the law and you get into trouble, they are likely to deny your coverage because you will be deemed to be practicing “illegally,” which typically nullifies your policy. Easily Get Up To Speed From the comfort of your own home or computer, learn more about state licensure by attending Dr. Maheu’s free webinar on July 11, 2011. Get up to speed and decide for yourself how to practice. You owe it to yourself (and the patients you treat) to learn as much as you can before leaping onto the Net. On the other hand, learning how to leverage technology to expand your reach to legitimate arenas is not just the future, it is here today. It can be safe, legal and ethical.

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