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We’re happy to welcome you to our first telehealth blog post.  Sure, we’ve been around for over a decade at our main website, TeleMental Health Institute, but times are continually changing, and so are we!
TeleMental Health InstituteIn keeping up with these times, we’re bringing you newer and better approaches to using technology to reach more people, more quickly and less expensively in health care.
For instance, in welcoming you to our new blog today, we’re giving you the first of many tips on how to best use  online marketing in your telehealth practice, which will be the primary goal of this telehealth blog.
Here is the tip —-> To draw more middle class, middle aged African-American or Hispanic women to your online service or product, go to:
ASK.com is the smallest of “the big 4″ search engines. They have a pay-per-click network that is the best  network to use for medical/health related offers.
We look forward to bringing more tips about risk management as well as how to best use the Internet to expand your online health care presence and services.  Please ask any question you’d like of us or leave comment with your own tip for the telehealth community.
Oh – BTW, since we are not a profit making organization, we consider you all colleagues and not competitors. In the spirit of collegiality, we invite you to include your organization or company name and contact information in posting your comment. (As long as your contribution is longer than your self-promotion, we will be happy to publish it all!)

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