What Can We Learn from this “Innovation” Video Re: the Psychology of Online Interactivity?


I recently ran across an eye-popping video about the future of technological innovation. Put your seatbelt on….

The video I’m referencing below starts by looking at what works to make Facebook games so successful.  It expands  the discussion to include video games, such as Mafia Wars and Farmville.  The professor in the video explains why he thinks the psychological factors underpinning those games have catapulted small websites into $300 million businesses in short periods of time.

What do we know about basic reinforcement schedules as per psychology 101, and apply those principles to own specialized online interfaces for health care?

Have a look:


The clip above dissects how the most successful of online businesses use certain psychology triggers to engage and reinforce users. For example, one such trigger is “authenticity” or believability — and it’s ability to make people want to come back for more and more.

Did you see anything in this video that can be applied to your work?

These are some of my thoughts. What are yours?

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