What We Will Be Doing in mHealth by 2015 or Before!

Did you know that as of Q3, 18% of U.S. residents under 18 had a smartphone? Or that the iPhone operating system for smartphones (OS) had 28% market share and Android had 43%?

Ready for a glimpse into the future? Read a few sample predictions from a recent blog post on mHealth by Arthur C. Clarke:

mHealthBy 2015, I expect apps that will automatically identify the food you are eating if you whip out your smart phone and take a picture of it, estimate the calories and other nutritional information and keep tabs on them for you!

By 2015, my smartphone will recognize the bluetooth chip in each of the exercise machines and automatically transfer my exercise information, showing me up-to-date graphs of my exercise regimen!

By 2015, I expect these kinds of ratings and quality surveys by healthcare providers becoming standard operating procedures using smartphone apps.

By 2015, I think you will be able to look up on your smartphone, stats and efficacy about the treatment you are undergoing! With the patient being expected to pay more of treatments going forward, they will demand this kind of information if it is available, and medically valid and sound.

Do you agree, disagree — or is your head still spinning?

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