Where Are We Going with Technology?

Even if you think you know what the future will bring, the TED video we are about to recommend will inspire you. Seeing examples of innovative medical technology can help us glimpse and perhaps shape the future of mental health.

TechnologyThe inspiring video shows how self-monitoring and mobile devices are already in early trials for diabetes, fitness, sleep monitors, nutrition, mobility disorders & obesity treatment. It shows examples of brain-computer interfaces with remarkable robotic limbs and wearable robotics. It gives several examples of the trend toward “personalized medicine,” where the right medications can be more correctly prescribed at the right time for each individual.

What does this focus suggest for mental health? We’ve been working on delivering the right treatment at the right time for the individual patient. How does technology help or hinder our progress?

We now need to focus more intently on using the right technology for the right treatment, at the right time, for each individual.

Watch this video about current technological advances in healthcare, let your imagination run free, and let us know what you think this means for mental health below in the comment area. (If you want to peek at some of the existing literature, click here for more than 1000 telehealth references.)

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