Why Tolerate Low Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursement Rates for Telemental Health?

Insurance ReimbursementFor those practitioners who balk at working for Medicare or Medicaid because of decreasing pay scales, careful weighing of the pros and cons might take these benefits into account:

  1. Save from $500 – $2,000 per month of office rent, cleaning and furniture repair/replacement if a home office can be organized for videoconferencing
  2. No need to solicit or recruit patients
  3. No need to do billing in some circumstances
  4. No need to worry about emergencies if services are delivered to rural institutions where an attending physician is on duty 24/7
  5. Equipment costs can be as low as using a good laptop, purchasing a $100 camera and spending $30 per month for a HIPAA-compatible videoconferencing account.

Despite current limitations on insurance reimbursement, there are still many thriving opportunities in telemental health practice. As we document and explain at the TeleMental Health Institute’s current Telehealth Summit and our Certificate Program, many exciting job opportunities for telepractitioners are surfacing in:

  1. The Department of Defense
  2. The Veteran’s Administration
  3. Nursing homes
  4. Rural health settings
  5. Correctional facilities
  6. Specialty hospitals
  7. Fee for service (of course)

Get trained now, and consider the many benefits of staying home while you learn.


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