Canterbury Tales of Telemental Health and Technology Pioneers: Charting the TerritoryCareer Paths in Telemental Health charts the respective personal career stories of a number of innovators in the emerging delivery modality the editors label, somewhat insufficiently, as telemental health. Most of the book consists of a series of case studies written by those who, by steely intention or happenstance, became immersed in delivering “old” services to new recipients—often those in underserved areas who would otherwise not have access to them—and in delivering “new” services using technology. Taken collectively, these chapters help providers see ways in which they can enhance their own service delivery, reach new client audiences, do work that stretches them, and learn to navigate a number of potential obstacles to electronic service delivery. By sentient example, they also help take away some of the fear and dread with which service providers often approach incorporation of technology into their work.