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Marlene Maheu, Ph. D.
Thank you for registering for the Cognitive Behavior Institute’s Telebehavioral Health Legal and Ethical Best Practices Certificate Workshop 2019. The materials below will help you prepare for the upcoming training event. Please read them carefully, print your handouts and bring them to the meeting. We encourage you to review and consider printing all titles prior to our training event.

  • Handouts in section I, entitled “Required Handouts” will be used during interactive segments of the 2-day experience. You will need these documents in hand.
  • Handouts in the next section, “Additional Reading and Preparation” are available for your consideration. Print whatever seems relevant and please feel free to bring your written questions about any document to the meeting.
  • Written questions will be collected and addressed during designated Q&A periods. (Please put separate questions regarding separate topics on individual pieces of paper. Questions about multiple topics on the same piece of paper will be too difficult for the speaker to organize during the live event.)
  • Materials on the page will be made available to you on this page for 30 days after the workshop. Print as well as digitally copy/paste this page to your desktop for your records.


I. Required Handouts

II. Additional Reading and Preparation

III. Video

IV. How to obtain your TBHI Telebehavioral Health Practitioner Certificate

V. Contacting us

I. Required Handouts

PLEASE PRINT THESE HANDOUTS BELOW TO BE USED DURING THE WORKSHOPTBHI templates and handouts are to be used at your own risk. Seek the advice of a qualified attorney to help you tailor all your telehealth documents to your state(s), populations served, settings and practices. Handouts in the “additional reading” list below will be mentioned, but not used at the event.

II. Additional Reading and Preparation

These handouts are made available for your review prior to the event. Please bring written questions written on separate pieces of paper to our training event for discussion.

III. Video

The training video below is intended to portray a real-life deposition whereby an unwitting psychologist has been delivering services online but now finds herself in the middle of a lawsuit involving a complaint from her patient. The video portrays a “mock deposition” between a naive Dr. Joanne Johnson and opposing counsel in the case, who is deposing her to discover information that he will further research and bring to court. The video highlights a number is issues of relevance to the serious preparation of oneself, one’s materials and one’s practices prior to setting up an online practice.

Please feel free to watch and consider the video prior to the start of our workshop, where it will be discussed in detail with your group. Also please know that the workshop is designed to give you the precise tools that you will need to be more prepared then Dr. Johnson. The workshop will contain other training experiences as well.

Homework: To optimally prepare for next week’s workshop, please consider writing a few questions based on your review of the short video below. What kinds of questions occur to you as you listen? Please put all questions related to the video on one piece of paper to give to your presenter.

Here are a few questions that Dr. Maheu was asked about this training video just two weeks ago in Cleveland:

Q. Is this what really happens when behavioral clinicians face a lawsuit?

A. Yes, this is 100% accurate, except that you would have an attorney present to defend you if the opposing counsel steps out of line and/or badgers you during the deposition. In this case, the attorney did not badger the witness, but it is easy to see how an attorney can get out of hand with rapid-fire questioning.

The attorney, in this case, Joe McMenamin MD, JD is a real-life, litigating attorney for the defense. That is, he has defended healthcare practitioners in his own Richmond Virginia practice for more than 40 years. Given his work as a physician, a litigating defense lawyer specializing in telehealth, and his concern for many clinicians being unprepared to handle the stressors of real-life lawsuits, he donated his time to help the Telebehavioral Health Institute create this training video for you.

Q. Why is the attorney drilling down on the same issue over and over?

A. He is looking for a “crack” in the story as presented, for an angle that will help him further expose the truth.

Q. Why aren’t we taught this kind of thing is school?

A. We’re not sure. Given the positive responses that we’ve gotten, we suggest that such training videos be developed and included in “professional issues” or other classes. These types of real-world training exercises can help ground professionals who otherwise take their legal/ethical obligations too casually.

Some professionals who have seen the TBHI training videos are caught off guard because they realize that they have been practicing illegally, and many for quite some time now. How to unwind oneself from illegal or unethical practice will be discussed in the workshop, but the advice of a trusted, competent legal counsel is required in all such circumstances. If this is your circumstance, please bring your general questions to the workshop, but we ask you to appreciate that your speaker will not be an attorney. It is always best to seek such legal counsel to obtain maximum clarity.

Please respect our copyright on these materials.


IV. How to obtain your TBHI Telebehavioral Health Practitioner Certificate

If you decide to pursue the TBHI Certified Telebehavioral Health Professional Certificate, please print this page as it contains information that may be useful to you in the future.  After you register to take the qualifying exam, you will be sent an email giving you full access to:

  • A profile in TBHI’s digital learning center where your materials and exam will be protected behind a firewall for your security. 
  • When you complete your profile, please enter your full name and credential as you wish it to appear in all of the materials related to your account. For example, that name will be automatically used on your final TBHI Certified Telebehavioral Health Professional Certificate. Incomplete entries, typos, missing credentials – all of it will appear as you originally enter your information. Please double-check to include all proper credentials, street address, licensing boards, and website addresses to avoid errors. If you need to interact with our staff to obtain manual correction of your profile, an administrative fee will need to be charged.
  • You then will be given access to the TBHI Certificate Training Qualifying Exam. You need to correctly respond to 40 of 50 randomly-selected qualifying exam items, obtaining a score of 80% or higher to pass). 
  • You can re-take the qualifying exam as many times as you wish at no additional fee. Please note that repeated attempts will generate different exam questions. 

Once you pass TBHI’s qualifying exam you will receive:

  • Your TBHI Certified Telebehavioral Health Professional Certificate which is valid for 5 years from the date of access. Thereafter, you will be asked to update your certificate by completing another 3 hours of TBHI legal/ethical or clinical issues in technology-related training annually and pay a $40 renewal fee. Such training can easily be obtained from TBHI or any other approved CE provider for your profession.
  • After 5 years, you will be contacted to recertify your credential for another 5 years by signing a recertification form. No additional fees will be charged for re-certification.
  • A badge to promote yourself as certified by TBHI. The badge could be put on your website, social media or directory profile for example, and hypertext linked here, where anyone can verify your status in our database. You can link from your webpage to this page if they want proof of your having earned the TBHI Certificate.
  • You will be able to print your TBHI Certified Telebehavioral Health Professional certificate from your printer after successfully passing the qualifying exam.  

Please register for the TBHI Certificate Qualifying Exam by using this link.

*Qualifying exam and first year of registration is $150. A discounted rate of $100 is available to you for the next 30 days.

V. Contacting Us

If you need something quickly, write to us. If you’d like someone to call you, send an email and include your phone number, any phone extension #s and several good times to reach you. We are here to help!

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