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New Affiliate Incentive Program

December 2020

(Interact Model)

Goal: Engagement and Activation.

en·gage: to occupy, attract, or involve (someone’s interest or attention).

ac·ti·vate: make (something/someone) active or operative.

  1. Set up Affiliate account in iDev (if they already have an affiliate account move to Step 2)
  2. Email the Affiliate their account information
  • Log in at:
  • User Name:
  • Contact Email:
  • Password:

Hello _________________,

Your Telebehavioral Health Institute account is now official. Our affiliation will bring you and your group a number of benefits, which I will briefly outline below.

  1. OPTION I: You are given access to our affiliate website, which houses a number of banner ads and wording for letting your group know of our services. Please take 7-8 minutes to see the many sizes of banner ads and email wording developed to make it easy for you to spread the news of our programs.
    • Log in at:
    • User Name:
    • Contact Email:
    • Password:
  1. OPTION II: We will be sending you articles every month containing information they may seek about legal and ethical strategies for leveraging technology in their practices. These well-written, educational articles are 400-800 words in length, and free to you to carry in your website, blog or email newsletter. TBHI has already produced enough training material to be able to supply you with such educational content bi-weekly for the next 3 years – at absolutely no cost to your organization or membership.
    1. TBHI will recoup its investment by selling continuing education (CE) hours to those members who wish to purchase the CE through its eLearning Training Center, where post-tests are housed.
      1. We simply ask that you concurrently include one of our banner ads for your group members to see how they can obtain CE hours for their readings on your website or ours.
      2. Training center at creating an account on our website and passing a post-test and course evaluation.You can carry only one of the articles we send and link to our website, where we will carry the full series, leading to a series of 1 CE hour programs for licensed professionals whose state allows home study to apply toward professional training hours that apply toward licensure renewal.
      3. Please put us on the mailing list for any emails that contain the article(s) or if you house the articles in your website or blog, send us the URL so we can see how they are being used.

How will the Continuing Education (CE) Hours work?

For details of “TBHI Free Article Training Modules”, see this webpage.

TBHI offers traditional online CE training, in that:

  1. TBHI articles are packaged in specific “Learning Modules” (6-10 articles) that must be completed as “home study” for Continuing Education (CE). CEs are based on content providing a minimum of 4,000 words for each hour of CE. Validity of CEs must be verified by your group with your local discipline’s licensing board prior to offering CEs to your group. (Some licensing boards do not allow home study CEs through APA, NBCC, ASWB or NAADAC approvals to apply for licensure renewal.)
  2. If licensure renewal CEs are not available through your local licensing board, TBHI is happy to offer you the articles if you include banner ads and other links to TBHI in the author “bio-box” at the bottom of each article.
  3. Only readers who want CEs will be asked to register in the TBHI eLearning Training Center. Taking the post-test requires digital registration and access. Paper-based tests are not available.
  4. Registrants attest to having read all article topics and before gaining access to the post-test and course evaluations. Article titles will be hyperlinked to all included articles on the TBHI website’s blog if the registrant requires a refresher before, during or after the post-test. Registrants can take the post-test as many times as needed, but correct answers for post-tests are not provided so as to prevent test-fraud
  5. Participants must successfully answer 10 digitized post-test items with at least 80% accuracy for every hour of CE offered. Post-test items are randomly drawn from a large pool of topics discussed in the readings provided.
  6. Five of the post-test items are multiple-choice and five are true/false in format.
  7. Registrants must also complete a course evaluation questionnaire when taking the post-test online. Only aggregate scores and comments are available to you upon written request. Names and/or contact information for your group members are not available, based on educational privacy best practices.
  8. Registrants must print their own CE certificate online.
  9. Customer support for the TBHI eLearning Training Program is available by either email or telephone, but during west coast business hours only.
  10. References are not included in articles, so as to make reading quick and easy. All references are available in the TBHI Training center, where we house more than 4,000 peer-reviewed telebehavioral-related journal and books. A smaller samples of 1,000 such references is available here:

TBHI Goals

TBHI seeks full transparency. Please feel free link out to these criteria, posted on this TBHI webpage: You are invited to share information about our partnership, each individual article as well as the modules using Facebook. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media.

The article series are to be used as promotional information made freely available to potential trainees  for TBHI’s Certification programs. Any professional who makes a purchase with your unique identifier link below will receive a 20% discount.

Your unique identifier link is: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

The unique identifier link is all set up and ready to go for a 20% off discount when your audience inputs it into “enter coupon code”.

You can login to view your stats at:

For new users:

  1. You must agree to our new terms and conditions in order to gain access to your account.
    1. Click I have read, understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.

For returning users:

  1. Enter username:
  2. Enter password:
  3. Click Login.
  4. Click Manage Account to review Training and Marketing Materials

There are also a couple things we like to schedule:

  1. A time to talk about some feedback you might have or questions. and
  2. blog post/ review tutorial (this can also include affiliate link in it)

Is this something you’re okay with?

Let me know and we’re excited to have you as a partner!

  1. Commission increases ideas

Decide on your incentive

One idea is to offer exclusive discounts to smaller partners. People often want to only give exclusive discounts to the big hitters, but giving an exclusive discount to smaller partners can result in new customers that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise, which could mean more incremental revenue. Another idea is to give a few affiliates a sneak-peek at a new product a day or two before it launches. You could also let certain sites promote the new product early and give them an exclusive, affiliate-only landing page to promote on their site. Again, this makes affiliates feel valued and also helps you drive excitement toward content sites.

Ideas – 

Personalize your affiliate communication.

Reference one of their recent blog or social posts. Did they write a particularly insightful blog article? Mention it and call out what you liked. Did they post a funny quip on their Facebook page or post a cute photo of their new pair of jeans on Instagram? Mention it.Yes, this is super time-consuming, but it goes a long way to earning affiliates’ trust and respect. And it’s the people who know, like and trust you who will be more inclined to promote you.