301 – Telehealth Reimbursement Strategies: Increasing Authorization & Payment

3 CME/CE Hours Available

Course Description

Want to know about getting paid for telehealth? This training will cover a variety of telehealth reimbursement issues, from telehealth CTP codes to collecting legitimate cash payments online. It will review relevant legal and ethical billing procedures for telehealth, telemedicine, telemental health and telebehavioral health.

Definitions are given to help the practitioner become familiar with essential telehealth billing terms and their meanings. Issues related to proper procedures, new approved telehealth codes for permitted treatment sites, types of patient diagnoses and licensure requirements for professionals are examined. Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Pay (or private insurance) requirements and strategies are discussed, along with new codes for “virtual” visits, interprofessional collaboration and remote patient monitoring.  Updated telehealth modifier codes are provided.

Practical, legal and ethical suggestions are at the core of this training experience.

  • Key handouts and support materials are included to effectively equip you to maximize reimbursement for telehealth
  • Many of the handouts are issued directly from the US federal government to help practitioners with reimbursement
  • State law is also examined to illustrate some of the key issues for residents of all states and countries
  • Although the program has a particular focus on telebehavioral and telemental health reimbursement, principles are applicable to all telehealth billing and coding professionals

Join us today and learn how to maximize payment for telehealth!

Please note: All social workers are welcomed to take this course but reimbursement is not an approved topic area for CE hours under the TBHI ACE approval obtained from ASWB. You, therefore, cannot claim this course toward your licensure renewal requirements. Please contact ASWB and your state board to learn more.

Event Details: 301 – Telehealth Reimbursement Strategies: Increasing Authorization & Payment

Reimbursement Strategies Increasing Authorization & Payment

    • Where: 100% Online
    • When: Available 24/7 to review anytime for 6 months from registration date
    • Cost: $149 (includes 3-CME or CE Hours, except for social workers)

Course Objectives

  • State whether or not special codes are legally required for telehealth reimbursement
  • Identify the type of technology that is legally required for telehealth reimbursement
  • Discuss why the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is pivotal for telehealth reimbursement with all insurers in the U.S.
  • Describe where to get a current CPT code list for telehealth as well as telebehavioral health billing
  • Explain why your malpractice insurance isn’t legally required to provide your malpractice benefits if you have sought reimbursement for services over state lines in a state where you are unlicensed
  • Identify the legal telehealth Place of Service code (POS) on a CMS 1500 claim form
  • List the two behavioral health professions that are not allowed to legally bill Medicare or Medicaid for telehealth
  • Identify two types of  telemental health services that are likely to be covered by CMS reimbursement—and under which conditions
  • Describe the telehealth “facility fee” and who can legally get reimbursed for it
  • Outline which behavioral assessments can lead to telehealth reimbursement
  • Name at least one CPT code for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Name at least one CPT code for Virtual Check-Ins
  • Name at least one CPT code for Interprofessional Internet Consultation
  • Identify the three FREE resource groups that are available to practitioners who want to begin collecting legal telehealth reimbursement




TBHI Faculty

Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

Dr. Maheu has directly trained more than  26,000 clinicians from 79 countries. As a leader in telebehavioral health since 1994, she has authored five textbooks, dozens of book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles. She has consulted with international organizations, both large and small. With a focus on telehealth legal, ethical, interjurisdictional and reimbursement issues, her concurrent passion for integrity will guide you to developing a legal and ethical path to incorporating the best technologies and protocols for your work. Her comfortable grasp of the underlying competencies for telebehavioral health will help you to systematically choose your technologies, develop your documentation/policies and augment your clinical skills with the powerful nuances of telepresence and cultural sensitivity. She will offer you clear, actionable, real-world suggestions to help you ask the right questions, get the right answers and quickly launch your telepractice — legally, ethically and competently.

Reimbursement Strategies Increasing Authorization & PaymentThis program is for beginning and intermediate-level “telepractitioners” and “telesupervisors” wishing to deliver telehealth services in these disciplines:

  • Physicians, Osteopaths, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners
  • Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Therapists, Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Speech Pathologists, Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Behavioral Analysts, Substance Use Professionals
  • CEOs, COOs, Administrators, Billing & Coding Staff

Course Details:

  • Access to the power and interactivity of the most cutting-edge technology available today for learning (login is required)
  • All materials are included with this course
  • All Learners must pass the post-tests at a rate of 80% or higher. The post-test(s) can be taken as often as needed within the paid access period
  • Printable course completion certificate for your licensing board
  • Access to TBHI Community Forum to ask related questions
  • Full customer support
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days!
  • Except for social workers in the United States, this program is approved for 3 CME or CE Hours, applicable toward state requirements for Legal/Ethical Continuing Medical Education or Continuing Education. TBHI is approved by several CME or CE-approval providing groups to sponsor CME or CE Hours. Please review our provider information at telehealth.org/continuing-education. This course does not qualify for an ASWB-approved Continuing Education hour.  (We recommend you confirm with your licensing board that they accept our CME or CE provider status. If you have any questions, please contact us.)




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