TBHI Certified Telebehavioral Health Practitioners

Listed below are the names of professionals who have successfully completed the Telebehavioral Health Institute, Inc. Certificate Program, and thereby earned the designation: Certified Telebehavioral Health Professional (TBHP). At minimum, they have completed the 15-hour Gold Certificate program, which was designed to give them essential, evidenced-based best practices for the delivery of their professional services. TBHI Platinum Certificate holders have undergone many additional hours in legal, regulatory, ethical and clinical telebehavioral health training, including consultation. This advanced training was designed to help them use a variety of technologies safely and effectively in the delivery of their professional services, and to demonstrate mastery of recommended legal, ethical, technical and clinical issues involved in telepractice.


This icon identifies those professionals who have completed the TBHI Platinum Certificate program: TMHI_Advanced 3

For more details about the TBHI Certificate professional training programs, go to: telehealth.org/courses




Helen Ackerman, Ed.D., Ph.D. Dr. Helen R. Ackerman, P.A. www.helen-penner-ackerman.com
Susan Addis, PhD
TMHI_Advanced 3
Lindsay Adler, LMFT, CEDS, E-RYT 200 holisticandintegrativetherapy.com
Amber Alexander, MA, LPCC, NCC, CCMHC
Mary Karapetian Alvord, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Alvord, Baker & Associates, LLC www.alvordbaker.com
Wil Ausborn, Psy.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Ausborn Behavioral Care, PC www.ausbornpsychdoc.com
Kathleen Ayers, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Kendrick Bailey, LPC-S, NCC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Isela Baron M.S., LMFT Employee Assistance Services, Riverside County- Human Resources www.eas.rc-hr.com
Lorraine M. Barry, Ed.S.,LMFT, LCADC
TMHI_Advanced 3
At Home Marital & Family Counseling www.athomemaritalandfamilycounseling.com
A Maura Beattie
Mike Bellamy
TMHI_Advanced 3
Sara Bender PhD, LMHC, NCC
Theresa Bennett, LCSW
Christina Bensen, MA, LMFT bStill Integrative Wellness LLC www.bensentherapy.com
Bonnie Bernell
Meg Berry, LCSW
TMHI_Advanced 3
Heal: Holistic Encouragement for the Authentic Life https://www.yourflandctptsdtherapist.com
George W. Bitar, Ph.D., LMFT www.dbcouplestherapyonline.com
Rachel Blumhardt, MS, LPCC, NCC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Stacey Bohlmann, MS, LPC-MH, LAC, QMHP
TMHI_Advanced 3
Karissa Brennan, LMHC Mental Health Counseling by Karissa, PLLC www.Cloud-Counseling.com
Larry Brooks, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Danny Brown, LCSW Aspire Indiana www.aspireindiana.org
Amanda Cadwell, LPC
William Campbell
Thomas Campion, Ph.D.
Judy Carran, LCSW
Jonna Gail Carson-Webb, Psy.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Joseph M. Casciani, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Concept Healthcare
Carrie Champ Morera, Psy.D., LPC, NCSP Dr. Carrie Champ Morera www.champ-morera.breakthrough.com
Kathy S Chase, MA, LCPC WhiteStone Resources www.whitestoneresources.com
Martha Chiu, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Heather Conyers LPC, NCC, CAMS Healing Hearts Counseling Center LLC www.healingheartscounselingcenter.com
Frank Corigliano, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Angela Corrigan, EdD, LPC-S, LMFT
Nancy Costello, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Mark R. Cox M.S., LMFT Employee Assistance Services, Riverside County- Human Resources www.eas.rc-hr.com
Carroll Cradock, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
William Craig, Psy.D.
Lisa Cuevas, LCPC
Nancy Curotto, Psy.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Bianca Demetrius
Kate Denihan
Robin Dilley, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Sue Dilsworth, PhD
TMHI_Advanced 3
Heart’s Journey Wellness Center www.heartsjourneywellness.com
Whitney Donovan WLCFS Christian Family Solutions
Faith Drew, Ph.D, LMFT, CEAP  DB Couples Therapy Online www.dbcouplestherapyonline.com
Marie Dumas, Psy.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Aton Center www.atoncenter.com
Edythe Dunn, MA, LPC, NCC, FAMI
Rindie Eagle, MA, LPCC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Sheryl Eldene, MA, MBA
TMHI_Advanced 3
On Purpose Living www.oplcenter.com
Shannon Eller
Christine Ellis, LCSW
Flavio Epstein, Ph.D.
Sophia Deborah Erez
Angela Ertl
Gary Fischler, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Bonnie Fitts, LPC
Dr. Nicole Ford, LCPC, NCC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Baisha Franklin, Licensed Professional Counselor
Omega Galliano, MFT LADC LP
Roger Gasser, LPCC, LMHC
Robin Gay, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Allison Gilbert, LMFT
TMHI_Advanced 3
Joni Gilbertson
TMHI_Advanced 3
Sharon Givens
Nicholas Glikos
Terri Greer, PhD, LMHC, ACHT, ACS Professional Consultation Services
Whitney Gregg, M.S., NCC, LPC Peace of Mind, Inc. www.peace-of-mind-inc.com
Janel Grobes, LMFT California Online Counseling www.caonlinecounseling.com
Nancy Gup, Psy.D. Gup & Associates, Inc. www.gupinc.com
Beth Held
Beth Allyn Herman, MA, NCC, LPC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Beth Herman Counseling www.bethhermancounseling.com
Simon Hillier
Linda Hoenigsberg
Shirley B.Huffman, PhD, NCC, LPCS
Mihai Vladut Iorga, MBPsS
TMHI_Advanced 3
CrowdSculpt www.CrowdSculpt.com
Katherine Irwin
Donna Johnson
Dr. Terrence Z. Johnson, DPC, LPC-S, ACS, NCC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Jamie Jones MA, LPC, LCPAT, ATR-BC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Trevor Josephson
Kathleen Judy, MS, LSW, LPCC-S
TMHI_Advanced 3
Linda Kaczor, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Marianne Kelly MSW, LCSW
TMHI_Advanced 3
Katherine Kilgore, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
 Katherine M. Kilgore, Ph.D. www.drkkilgore.com
Dan Kimball MC, LPC Path4Change PLLC www.path4change.com
Stacy Korfist
Lindsay Laing www.lindsaylaing.ca
Justin LaPilusa, Psy.D. www.DrLaPilusa.com
Elaine Latimer-Tandy LPC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Ashley Lynch
Judith MacDowell, LCSW
Grace Malonai, Ph.D., LPCC www.TheraThrive.com
Joni Mamica, LCSW
TMHI_Advanced 3
Michael Manchester MA, LMHC NCC
Melissa A Marks, LPC A Beautiful Mind Counseling Services, LLC A Beautiful Mind Counseling Services
Robert Marselle, Psy.D., R.N. Telepsyonline Telepsyonline.com
Cheryl Masters, Ph.D.
Su Su Maung
Maureen McCarren, LCSW-C
TMHI_Advanced 3
Michelle McCartney
Andell McCoy, MA, MFT
Ryan McCrea
Shannon McFarlin, MA, LMFT, DCC
Rhonda S McGinnis, LPC, DCC
John “Jack” McInroy, PhD
Anthony Merritt
Sandra Merrow, LPCC, NCC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Laura Miceli, LMHC, CASAC
Jennifer Miesch, Ph.D.
Katrina R. Miller
Christine Motta, LCSW
TMHI_Advanced 3
Jessica Nami
Elizabeth Newton
Viola Nicolucci
Georgann Norton, Psy.D.
Margaret A. O’Hara www.MargaretAnnOHara.com
Carole Olson, Psy.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Samantha Pekh, M.A., Registered Psychologist Founder/Owner of PsychSolutions, Inc., Bipolar, Trauma, and Suicide Prevention, Certified Traumatologist www.PsychSolutions.ca
Orlando M. Pellot, MS, LMHC, ACS
Lisa Perry Med, LPC, NCC, CCMHC, CCTP, VMT-R Lisa T Perry LPC www.lperrylpc.com
Ashley Perushek, LPC WLCFS Christian Family Solutions
Christina Principe, MA, LMHC, LPC, CHP, NCC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Hsuehmei Price Psy.D. Employee Assistance Services, Riverside County- Human Resources www.eas.rc-hr.com
Luellen Ramey, Ph.D.
Kalpana Rao, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Amanda Rausch, LMFT Amanda Rausch LMFT LLC www.NoStressNoStigma.com
Debra Rebman, LPC
Scott P. Reinerth, MS, LMFT
TMHI_Advanced 3
Frederick Robinson, Psy.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Mosaic Life Care
Marion Rollings, PhD www.DrMarionRollings.com
Raquel Romirowsky
Jamie Rotnofsky Ph.D. Employee Assistance Services, Riverside County- Human Resources www.eas.rc-hr.com
Susan Rowland, PhD, RN
TMHI_Advanced 3
Linda Sacco, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Helen Schandolph, LCSW
TMHI_Advanced 3
Leslie Schover
TMHI_Advanced 3
Katherine Schurer, M.Sc., PGDipClinPsyc.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Now in Colour Psychological Services Inc. www.nowincolour.ca
Laura Schwerin, Ph.D. www.lschwerin.com
Mandy Schultze, LPC, DCC www.mosaiccounselinggroup.com
Poonam Sharma, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Barbara B. Shostak, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
TMHI_Advanced 3
Stacey Shumway Rollins, LPCC-S, CCMHC, BCC
TMHI_Advanced 3
2xlCoaching www.2xlCoach.com
Holly A. Silva, Psy.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Morgan Silverman MA, LPC, NCC The Serin Center www.theserincenter.com
Diana Sklar
Jessica Smith, LMFT WLCFS Christian Family Solutions www.christianfamilysolutions.org
Ruth Sobeck WLCFS Christian Family Solutions www.christianfamilysolutions.org
Margaret Songe
TMHI_Advanced 3
Michele K. Steigleder, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Forget Me Not Dementia Services www.forgetmenotdementiaservices.com
Tracie Stewart, MS, LPC
John Strang, Psy.D.
Laura Struhl, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Scott Stubenrauch, Psy.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Eric L. Sullivan, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
VA Ambulatory Care Center, Columbus, Ohio www.ericsullivanphd.com
Valerie Taylor
Rebecca Tekeian, M.A., PCC Intern
TMHI_Advanced 3
Jenae Thompson, LPC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Tamara Thorn PA-C, LCSW
Dan Trathen, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Laura Van Schaick-Harman, Psy.D.
Michael Verano
Beatrix von Watzdorf LPC NCC Bea von Watzdorf, LPC, NCC, LLC www.beavonwatzdorf.com
Michelle Wade, LCPC
Thomas Wadleigh
Michael C. Walker Psy.D. Employee Assistance Services, Riverside County- Human Resources www.eas.rc-hr.com
Dustin A. Wall, MA, LPC Park University www.park.edu
Karen M. Wall EdD, RN-BC, LMFT
TMHI_Advanced 3
David Walther
Dustin “Ephraim” Weeks, M. Ed., LPC www.weekstherapy.com
Monica Weil, Psy.D. Monica Weil, Psy.D., A California Professional Corporation
Lee Wetherbee, Ph.D, L.P., LPCC-S
TMHI_Advanced 3
Amy White, LCPC
TMHI_Advanced 3
Mercedes Williams, DBH, MPH, CCM®
Barbara Wilson LPC, NCC, Ph.D.
Erica Wilson Ph.D. Employee Assistance Services, Riverside County- Human Resources www.eas.rc-hr.com
Colleen Wright, LPC, NCC
Shawna Wright, Ph.D.
TMHI_Advanced 3
Susan Young

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