In June of 2019, the quarterly peer-reviewed medical journal known as Psychiatric Clinics of America published an article authored by Kenneth P. Drude, PhD., Marlene Maheu, PhD., Donald M. Hilty, MD, MBA. The journal covers psychiatry and patient management. This writing team has been researching and publishing together for several years.

Key Points of “Continuing Professional Development Reflections on a Lifelong Learning Process”

Professionals interested in the team’s most recent publication in Psychiatric Clinics of America will find that it addresses these three key points:

  • Self-directed continuing professional development  is a key lifelong responsibility of health practitioners to maintain competencies requiring ongoing performance review and self-assessment. 
  • The creation and use of an individualized continuing professional development plan with specific goals and identified resources and actions to meet them are critical to meaningful continuing education. 
  • Several evidence-based methods for self-assessing continuing professional development are identified and discussed.

It will be released publically soon.


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History of this Article’s Writing Team

In addition to a number of independent articles, the same writing team has produced the following articles, many of which are related to professional development:

continuing professional developmentAlso, in 2017, Maheu, Drude and Hilty were joined by two other colleagues to write a telehealth best practices book for Cognella Academic Publishing. Dr. Joanne Callan, PhD and Crystal Merrill, LCSW have been working with the team for the last two years to develop a manuscript focused on graduate education based on the telebehavioral health competencies identified in “An Interprofessional Framework for Telebehavioral Health Competencies”. The book is accompanied by digitized materials for faculty members to use in the classroom. The book will be published in early 2020.

APA reference to the article:  

Drude, K. P., Maheu, M., & Hilty, D. M. (2019). Continuing Professional Development: Reflections on a Lifelong Learning Process. Psychiatric Clinics.