CTiBSWhere are Behavioral Professionals in the Quickly Evolving World of the Quantified Self?

Behavioral health professionals are heavily involved in many quantified self apps. These professionals often avoid calling themselves “behavioral” professionals, however. Rather, they are finding that it is not only more financially rewarding but also more professionally creative to be the founders of behavioral technology start-ups, or to work on behavioral technology teams as consultants, developers, engineers or programmers.  They also rarely attend mainstream mental health conventions. Such conventions typically don’t address most of their interests. Rather, they attend very specialized meetings of like-minded professionals.
Why did I write this long article? To let you see what I see, so that you can prepare for what is coming. Our world will change dramatically in the next five to ten years. Join me in getting ready now.

Book Chapter Authorship Invitation

I’m also seeking behavioral technology innovators. If you are involved with any of the developments described herein, tell us of your activities and leave your website address below.
If not, write to me privately. Several of us are involved in such projects and are writing a book to highlight the work of this next generation of behavioral professional. We invite you to contact us about writing a 10-page chapter outlining your career path as an inspiration to others. Many early career professionals have deep interests in behavioral technology and simply don’t know how to move from graduate school to behavioral technology-based jobs.
As you can imagine, my descriptions above are just the beginning. How are our professional associations preparing us for these developments? How are our graduate schools preparing future generations for these unavoidable directions?

Behavioral Technology: 

Join CTiBS Now

Several of us who work in these realms have also formed an organization known as the Coalition for Technology in Behavioral Science (CTiBS). We invite you to join us and be part of what is unfolding, literally on our desktops. You’ll find some of the leading behavioral professionals in CTiBS.
Our shared vision and initiatives span multiple professional associations, and if you’ve read all three of these related articles, may even interest you, too!
See the CTiBS website for details.

Carpe Diem!

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