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TBHI Recertification

Level I/Bronze/Basic Certificate — Choose 6 CME/CE hours

Course Description 
CME/CE Hours
Telehealth Training: Clinical Best Practices for COVID-19 (LIVE, 4-hour, interactive group workshop) $149  $89 4 Hours Register
Best Practices & Informed Consent $249 6 Hours Register
Telepractice Documentation $199 3 Hours Register
Digital Marketing Workshop $499 6 Hours Register
Clinical Telehealth Issues II $300 3 Hours Register
Texting Do’s and Don’ts $149 3 Hours Register
Telesupervision (covers supervision by telephone, email, texting & video) $149 3 Hours Register
Reimbursement Strategies $149 3 Hours Register
2021 Telehealth Reimbursement Update: Telehealth & Telemedicine CPT Codes, Telehealth Modifiers & More $79 1 Hour Register
Clinical / Technical
Setting Up Your Video-Based Office $199 5 Hours Register
Intensive, Interactive Telehealth Skill-Building Workshop TBA 6 Hours TBA
Intensive Telehealth Group Therapy Digital Workshop, Part I and Part II (2 sequential LIVE, 3-hour, interactive group workshops) $149 per Section 3-6 Hours Register
Specialty Topics
Text Messaging $79 1 Hour Register
How to Legally Practice Over State Lines (for Psychologists) $79 1 Hour Register
Telehealth Reimbursement $79 1 Hour Register
How to Legally Practice Over State Lines $79 1 Hour Register
Cybersecurity $79 1 Hour Register
Social Media $79 1 Hour Register
Choosing Online Employers (Includes Report Entitled “40 Questions to Consider When Looking for a Telehealth Job”) $79 1 Hour Register
Skype Alternatives (Includes Report Entitled “Videoconferencing Checklist: 30 Questions to Ask Each of Your Potential Video Vendors”) TBA 1 Hour TBA
7 Legal & Ethical Tips $79 1 Hour Register
Top 10 Reasons to Start Your Telepractice $79 1 Hour Register
Online Marketing Strategies $79 1 Hour Register
14 Essential Informed Consent Elements $98 2 Hours Register
Client/Patient Education $79 1 Hour Register
7 Tips for Telehealth Clinical Screening $79 1 Hour Register
Creating a Therapeutic Alliance in Telehealth $79 1 Hour Register
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