Telebehavioral Health Institute (TBHI) Documentation Requirements for Psychologists

Psychologist Documentation Requirements: Record Keeping Laws; Intake, Progress and Termination Notes for 50 States

for Informed Consent template and training, see TBHI “14 Essential Telemental Health Informed Consent Elements” Webinar (2 CE Hours) or TBHI Course 202 for 6 CE Hours of Professional Training – both qualify for Legal and Ethical CE Training

Origins & Purpose of Documentation Requirements for Psychologists Page

We thank Division 31 of the American Psychological Association for their permission to re-post these state-based regulations for psychologists below. Our intent is to provide you with the requirements to help you develop appropirate telehealth-related forms for use with citizens of the states you wish to serve. If you are not a psychologist, these state-based regulations can help you have an intelligent conversation with your state licensing board, or at the very least, point you in the right direction when you search any state’s website to develop your own forms.

Legal Counsel Required for TBHI Practice

As throughout the TBHI  professional training and certification process, we strongly encourage you to use such information, but only with the guidance of a telehealth-informed attorney to finalize any forms that you use with clients/patients. Legal wording is often obtuse, and telehealth in any given state may be more complicated than meets the eye.

TBHI Disclaimer & Access

We also disavow any responsibility for your use of these forms, with or without an attorney to advise you. For Informed Consent template and training, see any of these three courses:

Click on your state to download Record Keeping Laws; Intake, Progress and Termination Notes for Psychologists in 50 States the document templates:



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