Free HIPAA training

Finding HIPAA training for your staff is an essential part of maintaining your practice’s compliance.

HIPAA training is an annual requirement as laid out by HIPAA regulatory standards. The regulation requires that all staff members receive annual training in order to comply with HIPAA regulatory standards.

There are two major areas of HIPAA training that must be addressed in your practice each and every year.

HIPAA 101 Training

This is a yearly requirement for all members of your staff that outlines the fundamentals of HIPAA regulation. The training is meant to acquaint and reacquaint staff members with HIPAA requirements that directly apply to them on a day-to-day basis.

HIPAA 101 training deals with access controls for your staff, privacy and security requirements, Notice of Privacy Practices, the HIPAA minimum necessary rule, and more.

You can find many solutions online for HIPAA 101 Training, many of which come at no cost to your practice. Free HIPAA training is a great option for behavioral health practitioners looking to take care of training while investigating total compliance solutions to address the rest of the law.

HIPAA Policies and Procedures Training

Training on your organizational Policies and Procedures will be unique to each individual practice. That’s because your organization’s HIPAA policies and procedures should be tailored to the specifics of your practice.

Your staff must be trained on your organizational HIPAA policies and procedures every year. Additionally, staff members must legally attest that they’ve read and understood the policies and procedures they’ve read. These staff attestations must be retained and documented for six years as per HIPAA regulatory requirements to defend your practice in the event of a HIPAA audit.

Because no two independent behavioral health practices are the same, solutions like HIPAA policy manuals don’t sufficiently protect your practice. Policies and procedures should be customized for your practice in order to reduce liability and exposure to HIPAA breaches and fines.