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Telepractice Graduate Program (for matriculated students)

The TBHI program includes 100% online delivery of two, three-unit, graduate education and professional training. Each course is the equivalent of 45 hours of classroom instruction. The focus of each class is on the student’s integration of best practices, theory and practice as drawn from the scientific literature. Faculty members are experienced telebehavioral and telemental professionals.

What is TBHI’s Telepractice Graduate Program?

TBHI courses are based on the best practices for graduate education and professional training competencies in counseling, social work, nursing, psychology and psychiatry. Content is continually updated to keep students current with new developments in telebehavioral and telemental health. TBHI’s program meets the needs of graduate schools seeking evidence-based courses delivered online for students located anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • Graduate education and professional training, representing 45 hours of eLearning
  • Text, audio and video courses offered as core requirements or electives
  • Courses are appealing to students who enjoy technology as well as those who are curious about how traditional ethical dilemmas take shape when related to Skype, Facebook, Google, Yelp, Tumblr, Instagram, text messaging, email and more
  • Courses offer material related to telepractice only. Content does not include specific training related to medicine, therapy or counseling beyond clinical examples

How Does it Work?

License our coursework materials, pop-up quizzes, discussion forum, course evaluation questions, and post-test items. You can either:

  • Be licensed independently, or with a trained TBHI faculty member.
  • Training for your own faculty member is also available.

What Does the TBHI Telepractice Graduate Program Offer?

Fully automated,working 24/7 for you and your students, TBHI offers:

  • Full course descriptions and learning objectives to make your promotions quick and easy
  • State-of-the-art course content is updated weekly with current events, changing laws, etc.
  • Fully trained, expert faculty can accommodate and match your other class schedules

Moodle Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

  • All courses are online in a Moodle Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
    • All courses available immediately for faculty review and enrollment by students
    • Students access interactive course content consisting of reading, audio files, written assignments, pop quizzes, extra required readings, video demonstrations, and required weekly interactions with faculty and class participants to discuss application of material
    • LCMS library houses 3,500 references to telebehavioral and telemental health and supporting evidence base in books, journal articles, government documents and other primary sources
    • Support team available during business hours to assist. (Support team is consistently rated as “above average” or “superior” by current trainees.)
  • Moodle-based reports generated to your specifications for informatics, which include measures of:
    • student reading, participation and comprehension
    • frequency of forum postings in required discussions
    • number of contacts for interactive group projects
    • rubric-based grades
    • student evaluations of faculty, content and process

Course #1

Course #2

The Telebehavioral Health Institute, Inc. (TBHI) was started in 2009 by a psychologist, a psychiatrist and a physician-attorney. TBHI coursework is available to deliver evidence-based, inter-professional telepractice to both matriculated students and students. Experienced and respected faculty members include many world-class leaders in the field. Courses are 100% online, run smoothly and already serve over 2,900 mental health professionals of all behavioral and mental health disciplines from 39 countries worldwide. For counselors, offering training in TBHI’s telepractice graduate program can be a convenient solution to meeting Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Program’s (CACREP’s) recent increase in hours required for graduate education and professional training. For psychologists and social worker students, TBHI’s training meets all telepractice competencies identified by the evidence base.