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How Our Guest Posts Can Help You

Position yourself as a health IT industry thought leader. Our guest post and guest blogging programs can drive traffic from our authority site to your website with “do-follow” backlinks.

    • Newsletters where more than 18,000,000+ messages are mailed to a readership of 420k+ licensed healthcare professionals per year, with an open rate of 34% = 5,500,000 opened emails.
    • The blog received up to 360k visitors per year.

Guest Post Guidelines

UPDATED 6-17-23

Quality, recency, and relevance are top priorities for guest posts and guest blogs for an exclusively B2B audience.

    • Content must be well-written, using grammar and spelling checkers such as Grammarly Premium ( paid version ).
    • Please plagiarism-proof your work. Please provide an image of the proofing analysis when submitting your article. (These are provided by programs such as Grammarly at no extra charge).
    • Only articles containing original thoughts supported by compelling arguments or published research are accepted.
        • Articles must be informational and not self-promotional. Concepts are to be discussed without naming brand names of products.
        • Make sure your write-up is data-driven and comprehensive, and engaging. Ideally, all data must be no older than two years.
        • Your post must teach the audience something new about your niche. It should spend very little time outlining problems or re-hashing how COVID has influenced the field.
        • Ninety-five percent of your submission should focus on helpful information for the advanced practitioner who may or may not be aware of technical issues related to their digital work. For instance, you may:
          • Write about interesting insights from analyzing your customer’s data that you think the world deserves to know.
          • Discuss a marketing experiment you conducted that has never been attempted before.
          • Provide informative posts that offer readers in-depth tactical insights backed by the latest examples, current data, original graphics, original quotes, etc.
          • Include examples of relevance to mental health and addiction specialists and their settings, not just physicians or medical settings.
        • Please do not include a picture unless it is of your product and you own the picture of your product.
        • Avoid using technical jargon. Language must be simple to make it easy for a non-technical professional to read and understand.
        • Define your technical terms. Please do NOT assume that our B2B audience knows anything about technology. Most struggle with even understanding basic concepts.
        • Keep the word count between 500 to 1,000 words.
        • If you include a link to a graphic or report, the linked webpage should be easy to read, comprehensive, and have a compelling narrative. It should also have ample white space and include the appropriate labels.
        • also includes topics of interest to marketers, including job hunting, team development, hiring, writing and design, recent web trends, as well as many other issues of relevance to professionals developing their new telehealth systems. Provide complete and proper attribution of data, quotations, and external sources referred to in the article as footnotes with links to primary sources.
        • Include no more than one do-follow links. One is to be in the body of your guest blog, and the other is the article’s author or sponsoring company. The attribution will read:  ‘This article was contributed by “[Name of Your Author or Company].”
        • Author name or the company name must be included.
        • Upon acceptance of your topic or initial draft, you may be given suggestions for edits. An additional $25 per review will be charged if initial editorial suggestions are not followed.
        • Once accepted, article publication is guaranteed for 3 years. Articles with broken links will be removed without notice.
        • Once accepted, articles are licensed to our company and will be published using our compilation copyright.
        • Once the payment is submitted, the article will be published within five business days—the same for the link insertion.

Paid Do-Follow Links for Existing Blog Posts

    • must preapprove landing pages for links. By submitting these do-follow links, you agree to keep the content of the approved landing page the same for no less than three years. Failure to comply can result in the removal of your content without notice.
    • Outgoing links cannot be directed toward Amazon or any other reseller.

How to Submit Your Guest Post

    • Scan the 700+ blog posts on before submitting your ideas to make sure that you contribute something new.
    • Submit your guest post ideas to us before writing. Use our contact form.