Host Telemental Health Training / Telebehavioral Health Training

Hosting professional training allows you the flexibility of tailoring telemental health / telebehavioral health content to the exact specifications of your particular staff/employees/members/audiences. Identify which specific skills your group needs by discussing with our staff, then arrange a 1-hour webinar, 3-hour program, full-day workshop or 2-day Certification training at your convenience. Our mastery of this content and programming/scheduling flexibility allows you to tailor any training to your specific needs, on site or off site, either with an in-person speaker or via a live, interactive webinar.

Host Telebehavioral Health or Telemental Health Training: Benefits of Working with

  • Competency & Evidence-Based Best Practices, Legal and Ethical Risk Management:  Your attendees will receive the most up-to-date, accurate, state-specific, and detailed training on telebehavioral health services by a seasoned speaker who can field just about any question, provide a range of successful examples, and provide references and other resources to support their positions
  • Demand: Bring your group a cutting-edge topic that is not only in high demand, but that will equip your audience with skills that will carry them into the next generation of behavioral health care. Clients/patients are seeking a wide variety of Internet-based professionals and services; more clinicians are working remotely; federal and local governments are funding telehealth; payers are actively soliciting telebehavioral clinicians, and most employers are incorporating telehealth services into the workplace
  • Marketing and Exposure: By hosting a training for your community, your organization’s leadership will be appreciated by your members, audiences or employees
  • Credential: Licensed clinicians participating in the 2-day Certification training will be eligible to apply for a nationally recognized credential in telebehavioral health as issued by the Coalition for Technology in Behavioral Science (CTiBS)
  • Experienced: Trainer is able to address planning, policy development, technology choices, legal and regulatory issues, documentation, risk management, and clinical issues such as informed consent and preventing or handling emergencies and crises
  • Cost-Effective: automates and handles many of the processes that you normally would manage (registration, payment, post-tests, course evaluations, CE processing and Certificates)
  • Convenient: Select the dates, times, and location at your convenience
  • Revenue Share Model: Given’s proven success at filling
  • World Class Trainers: Enjoy the expertise of industry leaders who have been at the forefront of the field for more than two decades
  • CE hours: can co sponsor your CE program. Submit your program proposals for review. is an approved CE provider for the following organizations: American Psychological Association (APA), National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the Association of Addiction Professionals (NAADAC)
Your Co-Hosting Responsibilities
  1. Assign Coordinator. Provides a designated event coordinator to help plan, manage the event and be available during the live training
  2. Recruit Participants. Promote the training event in your communications. You may offer the training to your own staff or discipline, coordinate with other state-based or regional groups and/or otherwise open it to clinicians from outside your organization
  3. Provide Venue. Identify a hotel or other site for your guests to be comfortable and have ample parking
  4. Provide Audio/Visual Equipment. Provides a projection screen, projector, and speakers or identify a local service that will manage these services locally
  5. Provide On-Site Logistical Support. Register participants at the live event, verify identity, give website logins for post-test items and certificates. Coordinate refreshments and assist in other logistical needs during event
  6. Miscellaneous. Arrange for refreshments and other physical needs of your participants.
  7. Speaker. Provide travel and accommodations for speaker Responsibilities
  1. Training Content. will provide an experienced speaker, all training materials, slides and handouts for audience participants tailored to audience participants, including disciplines represented (e.g., Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Addiction Professionals, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychiatric Nurses, Behavioral Analysts, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists or any combination thereof)
  2. Registration. The convenient online registration process with records of all attendee identity and payment
  3. CE and other Certificates. Participant access to an online training portal, to take post-tests and evaluation at their leisure, and print their certificate of completion (and alleviate you of this administrative burden)
  4. Handouts. Participant online access to slides, handouts, checklists, bibliography
  5. Marketing Templates. Templates to marketing flyers, pictures, website banner ads and wording for your blog or newsletters and email blasts to expedite your promotional efforts
  6. Engagement. Gifts and surprises to keep the audience maximally engaged and participating throughout the experience
  7. Social Event. A social experience for participants who wish to join our speaker for a casual, no-host dinner prior to the event. We are well known for our dinner MEETUPS! where attendees are invited to join our speaker for an evening of collegiality and networking (see image below)
  8. Discounts. Reduced pricing for all attendees and their colleagues who wish to benefit from further professional training through the online training portal in the future
  9. References. Lists of more than 1000 TBH-specific references available 24/7 through the TBH website bibliography
  10. Continuing Education. Maintain CE approvals, issue CE certificates approved by relevant associations.
  11. Promotional Materials. Dedicated consultation for promotions, including actual proven successful promotional copy with search engine optimization (SEO) to expedite your recruitment process
  12. Social Media Services. Wide-scale promotions throughout all the well-established social media to maximize your success

You may co-host an in-person training at your chosen location, or a live interactive webinar training, where the participants can attend from any computer, telephone or mobile device connected to the Internet. If you choose to invite us for an in-person meeting, we can help you with information about optimal room arrangement.

Take the Guesswork and Risk Out of Hosting Telemental Health Training

Hire an experienced trainer with the qualifications to make you proud of your choice of TBH training organizations. We have organized a trainer who not only has written four textbooks, book chapters and several peer-reviewed journal articles in this field, but also who understands the unique needs of telebehavioral health audiences after having organized and led over 300 presentations with this content. will automate the registration, fee collection and CE processes, allowing you more time and energy to enjoy your guests. Complete records will be provided for your review.

These are comments from three prior hosts:

Comment from Active Communications International’s First National Conference on Implementing, Advancing and Expanding Telemedicine Programs and Services, April 6-8, 2016, Orlando, FL:

Thank you for your presentation at ACI’s First National Conference on “Implementing, Advancing and Expanding Telemedicine Programs and Services” in Orlando, Florida! Our attendees were incredibly impressed by your presentation! They noted that it was “a nice overview to start the conference,” you were “very knowledgeable,” and “warm and receptive.” You offered an “incredible discussion on the Telemental Health model,” and the attendees didn’t want your presentation to end! Additionally, some noted that you contributed greatly to the event’s atmosphere during the following days, and we really appreciate your contributions all around!

Tracey Harris, ACI

Comment from the College of Alberta Psychologists’ Annual Professional Development Day, September 24, 2016, Calgary, Alberta, Canada:
We as a College were in search of a keynote speaker for our Annual Professional Development Day with expertise in telepsychology and social media for psychologists. Dr. Maheu’s name came with glowing recommendations for her depth of knowledge, proven experience, and dynamic presentation skills. She did not disappoint. The associated materials and references were based on considerable and current research. Not unexpectedly the response to Dr. Maheu’s presentations from our attendees was overwhelmingly positive.
 Aaron Block, M.Ed., R. Psych., Assistant Deputy Registrar and Director of Professional Guidance
Comments from the Idaho Counseling Association in response to Dr. Maheu’s January 29 – February 1, 2014 Workshops:

“Legal and Ethical Strategies for Successful Distance Counseling”

  • Excellent.
  • Absolutely relevant and on target. Very timely.
  • Thank you for a great presentation. I feel much more prepared for some of the upcoming changes to the field.
  • Thank you!
  • Excellent presentation and information. Thank you!
  • Great information. Very effective presentation.
  • Great job! Many questions answered.
  • I think this was an excellent break out because this is the direction the world is going.
  • An awesome seminar – well organized, knowledgeable – fantastic speaker!
  • Rocked! Best ever! Thank you!
  • Nice to actually LEARN something.
  • Excellent presentation! A lot of useful information.
  • Interesting – and I will be contacting you soon, re: caregiver help.
  • Really made me think I will apply what I’ve learned.
  • Great presentation!
  • Great!
  • Loved the detail and the interaction. No questions left unanswered.
  • Future of counseling interesting.

“Create Passive Income with Online Self-help Products”

  • Foundational information. Tailored exactly to what I am thinking.
  • Even better – definitely want more of her contact and info.
  • Great resources given throughout. Very helpful. Thank you for providing a thumb drive with Power Point slides. This will come in handy when I need the info for my future practice.
  • Loved this – I’m now very excited to get started!
  • Appreciated your knowledgeable responses.
  • Great info, making complicated processes – a little more understandable.
  • Excellent.
  • It’s a “lot” of new info – trying to catch up – it’s exciting.
  • Thank you for providing a thumb drive and PP. Great help for overcoming the time crunch. Great info!
  • Great training – exactly the kind of information I was hoping for. Helped me to generate a lot of ideas. Thank you.
  • Wonderful – lots of info, Great presenter.
  • Awesome topic and presenter an expert.
  • I needed more advanced strategies/info, the presenter has that info.
  • Really enjoyed and very helpful. Marlene inspired me.

“We were honored to have Dr. Maheu as our keynote for our annual conference. Her delivery is precise and engaging. Her knowledge is immense and helpful.
Her passion is genuine and contagious!”

Kendal M. Tucker

Past-President of the Idaho Counseling Association

“On behalf of the Behavioral Health Information Technologies & Standards (BHITS) team, please accept our profound thanks for your thought-provoking and very comprehensive presentation! I/we are extremely pleased with the outcome. Thank you so much for being such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable expert. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on this endeavor!”

Alan Moghul

Ph.D, Associate, Division of Health & Environment | ABT Associates