Image of clipboard titled "Coronavirus"TBHI Emergency COVID-19 Office Hours

You give you the immediate answer that you need, TBHI is offering twice-weekly open “Office Hours” for its Basic and Advanced Micro Certification  Learners at no additional cost

Ask questions, share resources and learn from other participants

Maximum Flexibility

Come and go as you need, all or half of it, or even for 15 minutes if that’s all you manage.


  • Mondays 1-2 Eastern, 10-11 Pacific Daylight Time
  • Thursdays 3-4 Eastern, 12-1 Pacific Daylight Time

Who Can Join?

Complimentary Office Hours are available at no charge to the TBHI Digital Learning Center who have paid for the Basic and Advanced Micro Certification.

Paid Office Hours are available for other active TBHI Learners who have purchased courses or webinars training.

Private consultation is also available here if you prefer to have time alone with our consultant or if you need to have specialty documents prepared.

How to Join Office Hours

Participation requires logging into the TBHI Digital Learning Center to get access link from your training account.

Speak with you there!


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