HIPAAThis week, Person-Centered Tech published a pithy article explaining HIPAA breach notification requirements and how to avoid them. The upshot? Encrypt your computer. Yes, that means you’ll need a password every time you open your computer. But if your computer holds client/patient information is hacked or stolen, the “safe harbor” clause of HIPAA protects you from being required to inform your clients/patients that their information was breached. Which Software to Use? Encryption is available for both PCs and Macs through a couple software add-ons that ytou might need a professional to install. That software include:

If you have a newer MAC, you might check your existing settings to simply enable FileVault2. If you have a PC, you might look into whether or not you have BitLocker on your computer. For full details, including some instructional files, see  Roy Higgins’ webpage for the original article.