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Academic Psychiatry recently published the CTiBS interprofessional telebehavioral health (TBH) competencies. The journal article applies the CTiBS TBH competencies to psychiatry with an overview of the core doamins. It includes specific examples of their application by psychiatrists and other prescribing professionals.


Interprofessional telebehavioral health competencies have been developed to standardize training and improve the quality of TBH care. The seven identified interprofessional TBH competency domains and three levels of expertise (novice, proficient, and authority) are briefly described. More in-depth descriptions and examples of several of the competency domains are presented to illustrate what the competencies look like in practice. Some of the challenges faced in using such a competency framework are discussed.


Marlene M. Maheu, Kenneth P. Drude, Katherine M. Hertlein, Donald M. Hilty

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Telebehavioral Health Competencies Lead Author Bio

Dr. Maheu has been a pioneer in telebehavioral health since 1994. She has overseen the development and delivery of highly specialized continuing education in telebehavioral health to more than 7400 professionals in 73 countries. She is an international speaker, keynoter and trainer. She and her team provide telehealth consultation to hospitals, clinics, agencies, group and individual practitioners; regulatory boards; professional associations; and internet startups seeking to develop services for the behavioral community. Dr. Maheu is the author of several books and articles focused specifically on telebehavioral health legal, ethical, clinical and risk management issues for clinicians and their employers. She is currently authoring a fifth book for graduate students and medical students. It is based on the competencies described in the article abstracted above.