Myron L. Pulier, M.D.

Myron L. Pulier, M.D.

Dr. Pulier has been a Board Certified psychiatrist since the early 1970s and has worked as a clinician, researcher, administrator and teacher.

Over 20 years of his private practice in group and individual psychotherapy and psycho-pharmacology was in Bergen County, New Jersey, where he also led a residency training team and founded the Family Therapy Unit at Bergen Pines County Hospital. His inpatient works was mainly there and at Hackensack Hospital. At Holy Name Hospital he was a liaison psychiatrist for the Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center. For University Behavioral Health Care he treated partial care and dual diagnosis patients. He was a founder of the New Jersey Society for Adolescent Psychiatry. At UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School in Newark Dr. Pulier is a Clinical Associate Professor.

Since the 1960s Dr. Pulier has had extensive experience with computer applications, beginning with staff positions in pioneering projects at Sloan-Kettering/Memorial Hospital, Hillside Hospital, the Nathan Kline Research Institute, the Pentagon and Walter Reed Army Hospital. He currently consults in computer applications at NJ Medical School, and maintains a comprehensive mental health resource on the World Wide Web. Myron Pulier has created a unique programming language and databases. He has co-authored a textbook on applications of information technology in mental health care delivery.

Dr. Pulier was the Medical Psychiatric Director for a multi-state managed care division of PruCare and co-founded and co-directed a private multidisciplinary mental health clinic tailored for managed care needs.

Dr. Pulier designed and constructed a novel affordable computer-controlled all-electronic tachistoscope and served as PhD thesis adviser for a Fairleigh Dickenson University graduate student using this instrument to investigate backward masking phenomena in schizophrenia.

Online Counseling textbook by Dr. Pulier and others: The Mental Health Professional & the New Technologies.

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