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Dr. Maheu is a Licensed Psychologist in San Diego, California and works as a telepsychologist (PSY#11921).

She has served these leading professional mental health associations in various telehealth-related positions since 1995:

American Counseling Association (ACA)

President of the Counseling and Technology Interest Network (CTIN) 2014 – Present
Member of the Cybercounseling Task Force 2001 – 2003

American Psychological Association (APA)

Division 35 Chair of the Committee on Technology 2015 – 2018 (Fellow)
APA Membership Board 2013-2015
Division 35 Chair of the Committee on Technology 2011 – 2013
Division 35 Chair of the New Media Task Force 2009 – 2011
Committee on Professional Practice Standards (COPPS), Telehealth Lead 1998 – 2000
Division 46 Co-Chair of the Telehealth Task Force in 1998 – 1999
Content Expert to the APA’s Telehealth Institute in 1997
Division 35 Chairperson of Telehealth Task Force and the Telehealth Liaison 1996 – 1997
Division 46 Chairperson of the Internet Ethics Subcommittee in 1995 – 1994

American Telemedicine Association

Member of the Telemental Health SIG Policy Group 2011
Member of the Desktop and Mobile Telemental Health Work Group 2011

California Psychological Association (CPA)

Member of the Committee for Continuing Education 2000 – 2003
Chair of the Presidential Telehealth Task Force 2000 – 2002
Board Member of the Division of Media and Technology 1999 – 2000
Member of the Task Force for Innovation in Psychology 1999 – 2000

Coalition for Technology and Behavioral Science (CTiBS)

Executive Director and Chair of the Board of Directors 2014-Present
President of the Society for Technology and Psychology 2011-2014