State Psychology Board Telepsychology Laws, Regulations, Policies, Opinions

  • Colorado – State Board of Psychology Examiners Policies § 30-1 Teletherapy Policy
  • Florida – Case in January 2012 board approved Florida licensed psychologist to provide telepsychology from Michigan to Florida at:, board opinion June, 5, 2006 regarding requirement for Florida license by Ohio psychologist in Florida and telepsychology to Ohio citizen in Ohio
  • Louisiana – Board opinion that psychologist must be licensed in La to provide telepsychology, that the psychologist is expected to have had a face to face relationship established previously (November 2010 Board minutes – not online)
  • Texas – Telepractice Policy Statement, Newsletter of Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, Fall 1999, Vol. 12, No. 2, at
  • Wisconsin – Board opinion in board web site FAQ section that “…psychologists who are using teletherapy with Wisconsin residents must have a license from the Wisconsin Psychology Examining Board.” At

Compiled by Kenneth P. Drude, Ph.D. May 13, 2013

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