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TBHI Re-Credentialing

If you were TBHI graduates certificate after January of 2018 are invited to re-certify at no cost, and no additional training is required.
  • Simply complete TBHI’s attestation form found here. (stop and see many benefits below.)
If you were TBHI-Certified prior to January 2018 please check your recertification period as it has expired. Get re-certified to obtain TBHI Micro Certification with many more features.
TBHI graduates who completed any TBHI certificate prior to January 2018 must re-certify to have a valid TBHI credential. All TBHI re-certification training is 25% off.
  • The Certified Telebehavioral Health Professional (TBHP) designation was sunsetted on March 1, 2020.
  • Required TBHI re-certification training is 25% off with the code: RECERTIFY

 How to Transition to the BCTP-I™ or BCTP-II™
Micro Certification

In transitioning to a more formally recognized process, TBHI is awarding new micro certifications for professionals who have passed all required training by offering credentials that can be shared throughout the Internet.

  1. To re-certify, check date of your original TBHI Certificate.
  2. Choose your cohort below based on the date of your prior TMHI/TBHI designation.
Before January 30, 2018
  • Complete an additional 6 hours of TBHI training
  • Level I/Bronze/Basic Certificate — Choose 6 CME/CE hours: Eligible Courses
  • Level II/Platinum /Advanced Certificate — Choose 6 CME/CE hours: Eligible Courses
  • Complete the form below
After January 30, 2018
  • All your fees are waived.
  • Complete form below.

After this initial re-credentialing, you will be reminded to re-train with 3 additional CME or CE training hours every year.

More BCTP Re-Credentialing Information


Once approved, you will gain access to your credential as a downloaded digital file for posting on your website, newsletters, directories, etc. The badge can be automatically placed on your social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). You can also invite third parties to view your new credential on TBHI’s trademarked BCTP™ search engine.

Refer to the diagram below to see how TBHI’s new, automated credentialing system can help you proudly display that you have gone the extra mile to be sure that you are qualified to deliver telehealth as a competent, TBHI, BCTP™ credentialed professional.

 Board-Certified Telehealth Professional Level I or II

Process of obtaining your BCTP-I™ or BCTP-II™ credentialing through TBHI


Why does TBHI offer a micro certification rather than a full certification?

TBHI prides itself on not only teaching accurate use of terminology and concepts but using them as well. You will many organizations offer you certification without the authority to do so. A succinct distinction is offered by the ASPH website:

Often organizations that develop certificate programs incorrectly call them certification programs. Be an informed consumer and educate yourself about the important differences.

Professional certification is the voluntary process by which a non-governmental entity grants a time-limited recognition and use of a credential to an individual after verifying that he or she has met predetermined and standardized criteria.* ASHA’s Certificate of Clinical Competence is a professional certification.

A certificate program is a training program on a specialized topic for which participants receive a certificate after completing the course and passing an assessment instrument.
Note: This is not to be confused with the commonly used “certificate of attendance” given at the completion of many continuing education courses to validate attendance.

What else is included with the BCTP™?

  • To add a telehealth cherry on top, you will be invited to create a formal listing in TBHI’s new Professional Directory, which will be free to you for the first six months. The TBHI Professional Directory is heavily marketed through social media and will serve as an attractive page for potential employers and clients or patients to learn more about you, your services, and your BCTP™ Micro Certification.
  • Your BCTP™ Micro Certification badge will be prominently displayed on your profile, letting the world know that you have passed TBHI’s rigorous criteria
  • The directory will allow you to list many other features of your telepractice as well.
  • TBHI’s Professional Directory can serve as the cornerstone of your telepractice marketing plan.
Can I use training from another company to qualify for my additional 6 hours?

Only TBHI training obtained as a graduate student, trainee/intern, or as a licensed professional is acceptable to carry a TBHI credential.

How long is the BCTP™ Certification valid?

The Board Certified Telehealth Professional Level I or Level II designations are valid for three years. Professionals will be required thereafter to reinstate their credentials by completing 9 CME/CE additional hours from TBHI per 3-year recertification period to augment the original TBHI BCTP-I™or BCTP-II™ Micro Certification.

Are there any additional fees?
  1. The fee for the TBHI recertification is waived until November 1, 2020.
  2. If you graduated from a TBHI Certificate program prior to March 2017, a minimum of 6-hours of additional TBHI training is required. You may select any course that you have not yet taken from this list.
  3. Although NOT available at discount, it may interest you to know that many previous TBHI Certificate holders have asked for an intensive, interactive, in vivo, skill-building workshop. That 6-hour training description can be seen here. Classes are forming now.

    TBHI’s training has variable pricing, depending on your area of interest. An additional charge is levied if, for example, you initiate the BCTP™ process and request changes to your Micro Certification process after the initial purchase. The administrative change fee is $45.

    What if I cannot afford to pay for transitioning my previous TBHI Certificate to TBHI's new BCTP™ Micro Certification?

    Times are hard for many professionals. TBHI is your partner in telehealth excellence. If you are facing financial hardship prior to November 1, 2020, please propose an alternative payment plan and TBHI will consider your proposal. Please scroll to the bottom of this page and send us an email.

    Can I receive BCTP™ Micro Certification if I am unlicensed?

    Yes, both BCTP MIcro Certifications are designed to accommodate the needs of both licensed and unlicensed learners. Further BCTP™ credentials will require licensure, however. (They will be announced as they are available.)

    What if I am not ready to go through the new BCTP™ Micro Certification process now - or ever?

    The database page currently open to the public to verify your current credential does not show your name. Please feel free to drop back in at another time.