BCTP® Recredentialing

All prior certificate holders are invited to renew their credentials with the Board-Certified Telehealth Professional BCTP®-I, II, or III. Once renewed, all previous designations are valid for three years. Renewal or reinstatement for any BCTP® credential requires completing an additional six (6) hours of training from Telehealth.org. Required training is 15% off with the code: “RECREDENTIALING.”

Renewal or Reinstatement Process & Fees

Follow these steps after you have completed your six hours of training outlined above:

  1. Choose the appropriate “Recredentialing” button at the bottom of this page.
  2. Complete the attestation form you will see on the next page after clicking the “Recredentialing” button.
  3. Complete the payment process that you will be shown next.
  4. Look for your new BCTP®-I, II, or III Certificate in your email within five (5) business days. 
  5. Write to the Customer Success Team if you have any questions.
  6. Enjoy the many benefits of distinguishing yourself with a BCTP® Certificate!


  • BCTP®-I Renewal Fee for three (3) years: $74
  • BCTP®-II and III Renewal Fee for three (3) years: $99

Upgrade Your BCTP®?

If you wish to apply your added training to a higher level BCTP® Certificate, prior fees paid will be credited to your new BCTP® designation. Send a note to contact@telehealth.org to inquire about additional fees and which courses are necessary.